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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Last 5 Days

Or something. I'm so tired, I'm not even in the mood to expend the mental energy to count how many days it's been since Thursday. Not exactly the most demanding task. But I'll cut corners wherever I can. On Thursday, I got to meet up with my Russians! I was more excited than usual (as displayed by the fact that I didn't even think about bailing out, not even once) because of the whole Secret Santa thing. We tried to rope Mei in but Sunway really is out of her way and not everyone lives in a central location like I do or have parents willing to ferry me around anywhere basically at my whims.

I e-mailed Hanna the pictures I was going to stick on Roo's containers (I put all her presents in separate containers, put a candy cane in each container and wrapped said containers in masking tape that matched the bag I gave all of these to her in. I'm hoping all of this would make up for the fact that I am not creative, everything I try to make with my hands turn out ugly, and even my handwriting would make your eyes sore). Everything turned out and fir the containers nicely except for the one tiny detail that the ink on the picture of Rachel was running out around her eyes. So I tried to marker them back in and. Well. That went just about as well as you would expect. I stuck the pictures in the containers instead of gluing them on it. Better safe than sorry. Darn Hanna's printers.

Got there early and told Elia and Sya (who were carpooling) not to expect me until later because I had to buy last minute additions to Roo's present. I knew they had to be bullshitting when they said that they were caught in a traffic jam because we sort of took the same road. There were literally no other roads one could possibly take to Sunway. I'll admit to one thing, though, I was caught up with the whole thing and was so gullible as to believe Sya when she told me she was my Secret Santa. I don't think my reaction was very expressive, though, so that saved me the trouble of eternal embarrassment. Elia (my actual Secret Santa, who got me the hair chalk I had on my list) was very loud about how she knew she was going to draw my name because I was the person she least wanted. We're in the same boat then, Elia. I meant, with my drawing Roo's name. I don't really care that she was less than thrilled to have to gift me with something, given the nature of our tsundere relationship and all. I certainly had no complaints about anything, given the fact that I climbed into her lap later on in the karaoke session, demanding selfies from her phone, and knocked a glass of Milo over the table and onto Elia's wifi. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Elia stuck on a bunch of alpaca stickers on my gift box and - would coincidences never cease - it was the exact same set of stickers I had contemplated buying from Popular that morning. Sya and Elia were apparently in the vicinity and the chances of us bumping into each other were quite high. Funny. The night before, I had considered hitching a ride with Elia to Sunway.

Marissa was Sya's Secret Santa, Sya Mei's, Mei Elia's, Elia mine, me Roo's, and Roo Marissa's. Mei, living in KL and all, was unable to make it that day, but we called her when everyone started exchanging gifts. Elia was the only one not to receive hers because Mei had mailed it to her house. I think we spent quite a long time singing and eating and taking videos of each other singing and eating (Sya totally jammed out to the Cups song), and since we booked some morning package or whatever, everything came up to an incredibly low price. We took photos near the Christmas displays and left soon after.

There was a bit of a thing on Twitter when I got home. Mei was upset that her present hadn't arrived yet and we weren't able to meet up for a speedier process. Somewhere in between all of this, she was somehow led to think that Sya didn't get her a present at all? It was all solved the next day when Sya's present actually arrived and we all chalked it up to a misunderstanding. #HYFR going strong.

The following day was out with Afreena, Intan and Hanna. Raihan was supposed to join us but she had to buy curtains for her house. (Later on, she told us that the day was spent in waste because they decided not to buy curtains after all). Mainly, we spent something like an hour and a half in Kaison buying stuff for our Christmas themed sleepover and Secret Santa (it was Hanna's idea. Gee. I wonder where she got it from?). I was supposed to buy a gift for Intan. I got Nisa at first but there was a mix-up with someone choosing their own name and had to put the paper back in the hat. I really had no idea what to get for Intan, so I just got her a few things and crossed my fingers hoping for the best. After that, we had lunch at Nando's, where Intan supplied us with some coupons for free Cokes and chicken wings. There were four pieces of wings in total, so we were supposed to have one each. I couldn't finish my main course and had them pack it up for me. Afreena, who didn't order anything but an iced chocolate drink, couldn't even finish her chicken wing. She did eat like a quarter of it, though, so she wrapped the rest up in tissue and put it in my doggy bag. It wasn't really surprising that she didn't exactly remember to bring it home with her at the end of the day.

We watched Frozen after that. Me, for the third time if you count that cam rip I downloaded. Hanna, for the fourth. Afreena's sister was around and she had a friend along with her. I have nothing against Afreena's sister, I really like her actually, but we're not tight or anything (I mean, Afreena and I aren't even tight) and a little warning might have been nice. I was completely out of money by then, having bought Intan her ticket as well as mine, but Hanna was nice enough to get me something from Crazy Potato. I decided to try their mashed potatoes with cheese and oh. My. God. It was the best mashed potato to have ever potato'd. Sadly, it tasted like cotton after cooling off, so neither Hanna or I could finish it. Hanna kept singing along to the songs during the movie. It would have been okay if she wasn't always, without fail, several beats behind.

I don't know where the idea originated, but Hanna's keen on calling us The Farters (that's our WA group name - I'm not in it, of course, since I still use a Sony Ericsson slide phone).

My sister arrived the night before and promptly left again that morning to visit our granddad. She went with my parents and the whole lot of them were back before midnight. That meant that the next morning, Sunday, was yet another day out for me. I left the house cranky because I hadn't had breakfast yet, and I wasn't in a very entertained mood the entire morning until we stopped at San Francisco coffee and my sister got us mochas and I finally had my breakfast (just in time, too. Once we sat down with the food, they changed the menus to lunch specials). After that, I was feeling much more accommodating, and went around with my mom and sister looking at stuff. I actually ended up with four new pieces to my wardrobe (one entirely by fate because it was on sale with a top that my mom wanted). My sister ended up not getting anything. Sad, considering she was the one who wanted to go out shopping for the sales in the first place. Oh, I also got earrings from the same place I got Roo's, but I didn't check them properly before I bought it and they came with a super flimsy backing that sort of just snaps off after my sister played around with it. I got the jumpsuit I wanted to from Kitschen, and they had a size XS! Told my sister that my theory (one that I developed in Form 2 maybe) of days that start out terribly always end up good, and vice versa, and she told me I was crazy. But I was the one walking out of that mall with a lot of shit I didn't pay a single cent for. Crazy I may be, but I am hella profiting from it.

That concludes that. Monday was a heavenly respite, a day to myself that I've been longing to enjoy for the longest time. Rest assured, I wasted all of it on the Internet and sleeping. 

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