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Thursday, June 14, 2012

muscle to muscle and toe to toe

everyone's right of course, i need to move on. but i can't go back.

i'm sure a lot of people don't believe this but a lot of things, i can do, i just don't want to. so i can. of course i can go back to school and 'start again'. of course i am able to do that, physically, hell mentally. but i don't want to. of course i can do housework or chores or clean my room or prepare food for myself and heck i've done that a lot over the years if i needed to but i don't want to because i don't need to. people think i have this inability to adapt but no, that's not it, i am just for lack of better words a lazy ass.

school is not for everyone. i should've realized that before i let it get this far.

anger, pride, jealousy, fear; people have thrown away their lives for much less.

and sometimes?

it's the bully who runs away too.

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