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Saturday, May 12, 2012

it's a champagne year full of sober months

i want the ease of bottle-shopping and going into baby clothes stores with hanna
i want the warmth of sleeping with my head in his lap with maze
i want the ignorance of doing and recording the single ladies dance with nisa
i want the devotion of name-tag swapping with pri
i want the trust of no-barriers, everything-goes secret sharing with nadiah
i want the simplicity of american idol and the oc discussions with raihan
i want the mindlessness of adam lambert with lana
i want the uselessness of friendship with nadia
i want the obsession of late-night sex talk and idiocy with people on tumblr
i want the safety of being intan's friend
i want the serenity of the final day i had with kai

all of these things happened at one point or another and they just went by sort of unappreciated and now that they're gone, it's different. they happened. but not all at once.

caring is not an advantage.

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