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Friday, March 2, 2012

War of the Pop Tarts

I have about fifteen minutes to write this post. Let's see what kind of crap I can conjure up in fifteen minutes! Friday was a bit of a weird day for me because Hanna came and Nisa came after two days of absences from them and three days of my not seeing Hanna (and four of not seeing Nisa). The day before, I think Nisa called me to ask about homework and really, I wasn't all that keen on talking to her, because if you wanted homework, you should have gone to school, more like. This is the mentality I chose to adopt and damn me for it if you want, but really, it's the reason I chose to ask Zaza and Nadiah for homework when I didn't come on Tuesday instead of Nisa, because I really don't feel like Nisa and homework really should exist in the same space, much less sentence.

So it's awesome that I wrote that in a minute. Under a minute, maybe. But you don't want to read about my adventures in typing and... thinking of things to write, do you? (Or do you?) Friday started off weird, like I said. I sort of forgot Hanna and I were friends. That's life, c'est la vie, and all of that, but from that moment on, I sort of did not talk to Hanna at all. I shall expand further on this on my post for Saturday, if time permits me to write one (ah, what the hell, I'll ignore the fifteen minutes time limit). I am in fact wasting time writing this, so onwards! The first subject was English, in which I entered the class kind of late as Pri and Divyia were already seated (rare event, so take note!). We did some grammar stuff that was like... well, I guess people could condemn me if I said easy, so I'll say it was doable instead and call it a day. We handed in the essay that we semi-plagiarized, but only semi, because I edited most if not all of it, and added three paragraphs and a conclusion. So suck it. 

Pri, since she didn't bring her book (brought the wrong set of books, wrong schedule), was given the task of marking someone's essay and I was appalled at these peoples' grasps on the English language. I guess it's all a matter of different strokes for different folks and all, but BM, which is so twisty and complicated and honest to God hard, they can do, but the simple differences between present and past tense, they can't determine? I guess BM has it easy in that respect, having words like "telah" to do the job of tenses, but really. I am a show off when it comes to English (and still somewhat annoyed that I got placed in the third class), there's not much to add to that.

English was followed by two Maths lessons, but only Add Math, since we practically have no Mod Math now. Nisa came, so that was a refreshing difference. I think during her absence, I've grown closer to Zaza and Khairina, and maybe Damia and Mas and whoever else is around me, so having Nisa added to the equation of our designated table at the library was kind of weird. She hasn't missed a lot in studies, but I think she's missed a lot in... general happenings. I had to do Transferring during recess, since my orthodontist appointment was preventing me from staying back past 2.30 that day, so I was kind of weirded out by the fact that Nisa was there and I was kind of expected to sit with her during recess since I was just trailing behind her. She sat down with some of her... Form 2 friends? I guess, and that was weird for me. I thought she was genuinely going to sit with the people I usually sit at recess with. But enough of that. In the PR, it was Khairina and I, and someone else, I forgot, maybe two someone elses. We had History after recess. Nisa Sharpied me multiple times whenever I tried to touch her hair.

Okay, here is the deal. You should all know what Pop Tarts are. Nisa apparently thinks it's a candy and when I tried to tell her that it's a square thing that you put in a toaster, she said that I didn't know my food. Look, girl, you've crossed a line. I've made myself sick over Pop Tarts for the past week and you don't get to tell me that I am ignorant about what I put about my body because that may be true when it concerns things like the amount of nutrients it contains and stuff like that, but at the very least I am freaking certain of what's on the box. You yourself are unsure whether that candy thing that pops out candy is even called a Pop Tart, so let's not discuss this any further (actually, this makes me sound angrier or more agitated than I am. I'm not. It was funny because Nisa was, in this instance, so obviously in the wrong. There might be candy that's called Pop Tarts, but I don't care. The more universally known and accepted Pop Tarts are my version of them.)

The last subject of the day was Chemistry. Nisa Sharpied me some more. Nadiah was like, "Haha, Nisa, you should have came yesterday," under the impression that Nisa didn't understand the lesson at hand, but Nisa did. Nadiah. Girl. So that was the school day. Meeting was very uneventful and Tasawwur was cancelled, so there's not much to say other than I finished transferring and Pri was a freak this week. It's annoying and all, and she's right, I'm probably going to end up blowing up at her pretty soon, but I don't know, man.

It's been a good week. I'd attribute that to Nisa's absence but that would be rude. I'd say it's probably something to do with the fact that I took a day off, but that's sort of trivializing this whole thing. I guess it's the combination of a lot of things, plus the fact that I now don't have two fucks to rub together either. Cheers!

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