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Friday, March 23, 2012

Propriety, Thy Name Is Not Row H

Hi, this is a post about Hunger Games and I don't know, whatever, let's just start and forget about all that I've said (rather, not said) about the movie before this. Clean slate and all of that. The reason I decide to (not take back, mind, but rather) forget about all of what I've said before is because despite it all, I ended up loving the movie.

Now, I don't care about your crazy little nitpick, your weird dislike of Jennifer Lawrence because of her skin color because say what you want to but she was awesome and hot and I have to literally, physically restrain myself from Reblogging every single picture or .gif set of her that pops up on my dash, your even weirder dislike of the actors that play Rue and Thresh because they're not white (what the fuck? Read the books?) and every single little unimportant thing in between (that scene's cut out! That scene's not in the books! [Although, what the hey, okay, if you don't appreciate Seneca Crane and all of his scenes which, in my very popular opinion, adds a whole different dimension to the story, then you can just go curl up somewhere and metaphorically rot] That cat's not buttercup in color! That line's been changed!). Keep your opinions to yourself while I subject you to mine and you have no other options but to sit the heck down and listen.

Kidding. I don't actually have opinions. I don't want to talk about how I really had low hopes for the movies because the Harry Potter movie franchise made me wary. Plus, everyone just won't shut up about it so I think my eyes might have bled by that point from rolling into its sockets so much. I don't like these sudden bursts of interest in something, something that hasn't really had a spotlight shone on it before. You know how I started all of this with 'I don't want to talk about'? Well, oops, I talked about it.

So I ended up crying right from the start, first time watching, and sort of cried my way through it all. I told Hanna and Nisa the reason that I wanted to choose the individual seat in front of them was because they had wanted to watch it just the two of them in the first place and I was a last minute tag-a-long (last minute tag-a-long, designated driver, other than the ticket booking I basically coordinated most of it because Nisa didn't come to school; you know, day in the life). Really, it was because this movie, this book, just like pretty much anything and everything else is to me, personal. So watching it alone the first time? Such a good decision.

I watched it again on Friday with Hanna and Xueh Wei and Ellie and some of her friends, Cassie and Inas. I didn't get to talk to the three of them much (Hanna, Xueh Wei and I had a sort of tea beforehand) and I enjoyed the movie second time around and all, but I just kind of wanted it to end. I think it's not that I enjoyed it less, as a movie, I mean, it's just that I was with more people and it felt like an invasion of privacy?

Quick PSA: We're all excited to go to watch a movie that we've been highly anticipating for a long time, for the first time. It's even more exciting when we're all in a group, with friends who are just as excited as we are. However, just like in fandom, I think a little conscientiousness, a little courtesy, should always be the number one thing that's on your mind. Because to respect something like The Hunger Games the movie, you first have to respect the books. And to respect the books, of course you have to respect, or at least be courteous, of other fans of the book, whether or not you know them. So I think that all of this basically translates to: when you're in the movie hall, conscientiousness should be prioritized and besides which, propriety should always be kept under careful observation in such a tightly packed, not private and very much public situation. Other people are fans, too; other people are excited as well, and if you want to let out a squeak or gasp involuntarily, by your leave. If you're laughing at an in-joke which the rest of the movie hall can't participate in, I highly suggest you keep the giggles to a minimum volume. And if you want to clap, please think long and hard about it because even when Voldemort died, I would have kick people in the balls if they clapped (if it wasn't considered some sort of assault or something).

Back to your regularly scheduled programming: Peeta and Katniss was such a unique, revolutionary kind of relationship and I want to weep every time they talk about Josh's height (my, how far we've come from the days of my crying at DanRad being the shortest among the trio!). Or Jennifer's body. Or Jennifer's anything, really. I think - no, wait, I know that when I was watching it, I was seeing something completely different from what my other friends' were watching because of the PC-obsessed part of the Hunger Games fandom which I frequented often enough before the movie. I was so happy with it.

I mean, I don't know. As a movie? I can't say. It's actually not my place to say because I'm not a movie buff. But as a book adaptation, it's among the best. Not quite the best, but it's on that list, as opposed to the list Percy Jackson's in.

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