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Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Sweat It

I believe that is an accurate list of things that annoyed me during the week. Fatihah was at first only annoying when she was studying several feet away from me, but things turned personal when she called me a genius the other day, and I felt kind of punched-in-face because I had, as a matter of fact, not studied basically anything at all. I have succinctly conveyed the fact that I was annoyed at her, and basically everyone else on this list (except for the teachers, of course), in an eye roll or something of the sorts, so I don't consider this a form of backstabbing? Plus, I literally called Santra annoying to her face, and it was not particularly due to the stress of the week, since I experienced none of that.

Exam week and there was nothing like a little stress and a little elbow grease to bring us all closer together. Unfortunately for that fantasy, it didn't quite register in me that I was actually having exams in the first place, thus there was absolutely no stress involved, and even though I think I melted my brain flitting from one room to another, trying to memorize things, for the most part, it was just your average week. In fact, the only hint of stress I felt was on Thursday night, when I realized that I would eventually have to drop either Tasawwur or Accounts because I was honestly wasting my time on one of it, and then later on on Friday itself during the Civics test, when I realized that even after forty-five minutes plus recess, I was still unable to answer basically any of the questions, even the common sense ones, because I had apparently already switched off my game face.

Enough chit chat. More news and posts to follow. Sorry I'm not sorry.

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