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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Fish that Rode the Bicycle

There's nothing to say about Tuesday, other than I studied a lot of History. History's one of those fun subjects to study, that I actually enjoy studying, much like... mostly, pretty much basically all subjects really (even BM, I'll admit). I mostly just hate the added pressure of exams and the stress that comes in tow and the competition and the... everything. The fact that if I filled in A instead of B in a test might change the course of my entire life seems kind of ludicrous in comparison to, say, cancer or a car accident or something. But this is education, of course, something that's been denied to a ton of people, something that's being denied to a ton of people, and I can only consider myself somewhat lucky. Somewhat. The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. But Einstein said that. So, anyways.

I spent the night scouring YouTube for videos. Honestly, I never watched crashcourse before because I didn't have the time because I was (get this) too busy doing homework. So when I finally cleared some time up that day to sit down and watch, it was a lovely experience. I'd share the videos with my friends and all but nobody reads this blog. On Wednesday, I went to school and Hanna was absent. She had asked me to replace her but I was feeling a little diva in my throat that day, so hell to the nuh, I asked Divya to instead. And she was more than willing to get out of the community service that her class had to do during recess. Problem solved and as far as I'm concerned, all parties involved were happy. We had BM first thing that day but we did nothing. I think I just did some of the homework I had from the other day when I was absent. That was followed by Mod Math. We were in the class for that and our Bio teacher came in as relief. She prattled nonsense about our report books and mine was one of the lucky few that she marked (because I just handed it in the period prior to that). I had built up this whole excuse for her the previous day, about how as a teacher she really wasn't that bad and a bunch of other crap that really just sort of dissolves when she's standing before you (that superpower of mine of turning negatives into positives!), and I won't say that they've all rightfully crumbled into ground dust or anything, but there is no denying that as a teacher, she is annoying as all hell. 

English after that was weird, because apparently 4SC stunk so everyone wanted to have a class outside. Gallery was vetoed out for some reason, as well as practically every other location in school apparently, so we convened at the herbs garden, near the block of pure science labs. Divyia, Pri, Sie Mone and I sat in our group and soon it started to rain. Divyia was talking about her past debates and she said, "You'll like this," before talking about how they once had to talk about metrosexuality. Hm. I don't know, I mean as far as what I go, metrosexuality isn't really a thing for me as in... it's not really an issue at all? I mean, I just don't see how it's even a class of its own? Educate me and all, but that's just a basic opinion of mine because I haven't had time to properly think of it. Mainly I'm saying that it's a non-issue and I am not particularly interested, nor am I invested, in the subject. So, Divyia, no. As I was saying, it rained, so we went back to class. What a bummer. But mostly, what a waste of time.

After recess, we had Physics, which is no big deal. Physics is so chill that even if I get low marks on the subject, I'd still not particularly give that much of a crap, because that class is my equivalent of smoking weed. Or maybe that's Islamic Studies. Quite possibly Mod Math... But anyways. We had Civics after, in which Miss Foo was very much missed and I don't remember what we did for that period. The day ended with Islamic Studies and because it is equivalent to smoking weed, I... just. I just can't. (Oh, Nisa was absent, too. Happy birthday, Damia!)

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