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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Case of the Missing Handbag

Calling Sherlock Holmes! (And Watson). I guess we need you guys here?

I'm not going to be talking about The Case of the Missing Handbag because it seems unfair of me and sort of like I'm airing out the Prefect Board's dirty laundry but let me tell you, it's gotten most of us in a tizzy. Eleanor was kind of crazy in the morning, but she reached hysterics during recess and basically, this isn't a one woman show and the blame should and has been equally distributed among the board. I still blame Cheryl, though. Thursday was a big waste of time. Nothing happened, so I'm not going to talk about classes. But I guess it was a stressful day for all involved.

People cried, broke down, refused to talk to other people, snapped at each other, and in the midst of it all, I forgot that Nisa was actually absent for the day. I finished the YE board, so thank God for that. It's ugly but if you wanted a nice board, maybe you should have hired a professional board-designer. Just saying. We had three back-to-back Science classes after recess, all at the labs. Curse you, whoever made this timetable. Why do we not only get saddled with all the lame teachers, but also the completely exhausting timetable? At least I got to go home early that day.

It was Razali's birthday today (he's a new guy, don't worry, never once mentioned him on my blog), so Shu Wen had the bright idea of a surprise birthday party. I couldn't go, of course, because of the mountain in my room that I call my homework. But later on, Helena and Syaz dropped by, just dropped out of the sky, and gave me some cake, which was awfully nice of them and all. I shall get Razali a present if it's the last thing I do. Maybe next year, though, since he didn't give me anything for mine.

Friday starting off with Chemistry was so trippy. The sky outside was still dark and I've never been in a lab so early. I think Chemistry's okay, if we're constantly reassured that teacher hasn't dropped dead or her vocal cords haven't stopped working due to lack of usage. I got to skip the entirety of Physics because of a spotcheck on the Form 1s and 2A. It was fun, if kind of tiring because I had to run up and down and all around to supervise. But honestly, I'd take this over checking up on Documentation or handling latecomers any day.

During meeting, we were given back the results of our prefects test. I think that 40/54, given the fact that the highest mark was 45 or 47 or something, is totally cool. So I'm satisfied. And then I went to the PR to settle the day's spotcheck stuff before heading over to the Astaka to help with YE things. Cutting out bookmarks and writing "Happy Friendship Week" on them. All of this has led me to realize I lead a fucking busy life and I'm not unhappy with it. It is what it is.

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