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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not My Problem (Yours)

Wednesday started off nicely, with us holed up in the library because our BM teacher was busy with library-stuff. It was a good way to start the day. Nisa, Zaza, Khairina and I sat at a table and I guess we did some homework or something. Khairina was working on the ribbons the cheerleaders have to sell and she kept singing Fix You, only without any other lyric other other than "... fix you". It rained later on in the day. 

We had Bio after, which was a trip, but I guess it was all right in Bio standards because we just learned about how to answer Paper 3 questions. She's all right when she's teaching. It's just that you apparently can't ask her any questions. I know it gets onerous after a while, because we do keep talking about it, us 4SA students, but Pn Yong and us, we totally got off on the wrong foot. Anyways, so that was an okay class, and afterwards we had English. Divyia wasn't in class for the day again and I had to sit next to Pri again, but I would consider the English class for the day a tremendous improvement upon the previous day's. It all started with me taking a seat next to Pri (under the fan!) and I looked up and the song that Pn Mages wanted us to hear was Over the Rainbow. There were three versions (Frank Sinatra's, Leona Lewis's) and of course, the cherry on top, the single one thing to brighten my day, Judy Garland's version! 

Teacher played the Frank Sinatra version first and asked us to "listen" to the lyrics but later on I got her to play the Judy version and it was glorious! I felt like my face was going to go all Joker, I was smiling so wide. Pri said, next to me, that she might just start crying. Oh, my God. It singlehandedly turned my day from okay to fabulous! The rest of the class (and day, might I add) passed by peacefully (as ever). Pri apparently didn't know about Gaza or Darfur. Um. And then we had recess followed by Add Maths.

During Add Maths, Elyza came in the class to call Jing Kai and I. I was somewhat disappointed because we were learning composite functions and if I wasn't in the class, then how the heck am I expected to understand it, I tried to study it during the holidays and failed? But anyways, apparently Cheryl Soo lost tons of cash because someone stole her purse, so we were to conduct a spotcheck at 4SJ. It was an okay spotcheck. I just supervised, mainly. The downside of being Head. You just supervise. It's not as fun as I thought it would be. But we didn't find the purse. Pn Hamimah gave a speech about Other People's Property and Dimerit Points with God and we all returned to class. Civics with Miss Foo was better than I expected. She seems to be a completely different person whilst teaching Civics and I wholly appreciate the reprieve, even though I knew she's probably going to go all monster again during next week's PE. No... offense, I guess.

Last subject of the day was Mod Maths, high as ever, and for Rangers, we just sang some songs. Utterly useless. What did you do today, we'd ask people of other uniformed bodies? Oh, we marched and saved peoples' lives or something. What did you do today, people asked us of Rangers (and Girl Guides as well, I guess)? We sang songs about slaughtering chicken. Okay. They settled some other stuff about the Gathering and I continued to slave over the YE board. By the end of the day, 4.30, I got something semi-presentable up, although still ugly, and I was kind of freaking out over finishing the ink of Nadiah's gold pen. Hanna helped out a lot, so thanks (not really a lot, but still). She went home with me after, Hanna, and we walked to Nisa's house for a picnic.

The day felt like a nice day. Nisa was invited over to my house and we set out to walk. The road was entirely ours. There weren't that many cars and entirely no people at all which is kind of a shock because don't people go out jogging in the afternoon? Of course they don't, not on that particular day, because it started pouring about three quarters of the way to my house. When we reached, Hanna and I did homework (as is our norm), and Nisa just sort of stoned around, I guess. Later on, Hanna and Nisa watched Doctor Who. The Girl Who Waited. I told her it was a big old sad one. And watching them watch it was so funny because they made all these sounds.

They ended up going home at nine and that was when I full out started to panic. I still had a pile of homework to do, plus the YE board I thought I would get started on for the day. On the bright side, at least I had settled the Prefects Blog thing, but that wasn't much of a consolation. So that night, I ended up sleeping at two.

I guess to conclude, Friendship Week has sucked so far.

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