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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mainstream Is Mainstream

Me: I like One Direction.
Khairina: Ew. Please. Tolonglah.

Me: I like One Direction.
Divyia: Go away.

Me: I like Niall.
Xueh Wei: No, I like him!
Hanna: Ooh, I don't wanna get in the middle of these fighting Directioners.
Me: I'm a 'Nator.

Sasha: I haven't bought my album yet.
Me: What a 'Nator.

I know it's not common or very much fun for me to dump 6 posts in a span of two days (maybe even in a span of less than 24 hours) but to be fair, I really am very tired during the weekdays and weeknights, so I have an excuse. Some people only update their blogs once a week (which is, technically, what I guess I'm doing as well) so consider yourself lucky to be able to read so much about my life.

Anyways, I like One Direction now apparently, as I have mentioned in a previous post or another. Here are some reasons why (okay, two reasons, but that's more than enough for me): 

1. First, I got tired of making fun of Hanna. It made me feel like a bad friend (questionable, up for debate, etc. etc.) and puts me in a very bad position because she's listened to me moan about Chris more than she probably should have, more than an average person should listen to someone talking about him, although it is my personal belief that there is never too much listening to someone talking about him, but that is just my personal belief. So if you can't beat them, join them, that being the banner I'm standing under, and the slogan I've decided to use to advance myself in life. I am now making fun of myself as well as Hanna, and it has never been more joyous to be the one in control.

2. Everyone is complaining about how certain things are so 'mainstream' now. Nisa says she hates that word. Shut your mouth. Mainstream is a sacred word, that can only be used in the very dire of situations, and I've never said it off the bat without giving it ample amount of thought. There are stages, you know. Some things are mainstream and they only run in a tight circle for what I am assuming is a short period of time. The book Divergent is one of them. All of my friends have apparently read that book, me included, and let me tell you, it is so fucking annoying. Like, stop it. There are other fish in the sea, rows upon rows of other books (other sections) in the bookstore, and just because your friend read it and gushed about it and won't stop talking about it like it's God's singular gift to the twenty-first century, doesn't mean that you have to follow suit. If your friend gushed about and won't stop talking about suicide, you would call her motherfucking crazy. There are boundaries, friends. 

Mainstream is also a word to describe a particular trend, that will run slightly longer than your garden variety fad, such as Justin Bieber, whatever kind of Asian pop people are currently jizzing over, and (I'm predicting) One Direction, mainly because of websites such as Twitter and Tumblr, which acts as a fuel to the fans to continue their persistent fangirling. These fads are the worst, mainly because they are like an unwanted flash flood that lasts longer than flash floods should, and to exterminate them is next to impossible and one can only hope that people outgrow them (and that is truly the only hope).

Lissa, as well as a few other people, asked me whether I liked One Direction and I was appalled. What kind of girl do you honestly take me for? When I leave, I want to make a mark on people, a distinct impression, and while cold and bitch and sarcastic is fine and dandy, there's one thing I've always been campaigning and lobbying for and that's unique. Snowflakey. A true individual. If there was ever a label I've lusted after, it's that. I don't want to be known as just that person who's not quite tethered to a proper reality, I want to be known as that (and cold, bitch, sarcastic is fine; no skin off my back) and as the girl who has excellent taste in music. And things. And I am ashamed for myself as well as these people whom I consider friends on a one-off basis, that they would even ask me such a question. To follow in others' footsteps sounds like an awful thing to do.

But. Mainstream, believe it or not, is not just focused solely on those who worship. You might think you're super hot dipshit, hating on things left and right and being, in essence, just the twistiest version of a fan to ever exist, but that, too, is annoying. I realized this now, after years of fighting with Twihards (okay, like two years), and after the shocking cold realization that people's comments on celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, actually have an effect on them. Good God, right? So I look around me and people are dissing so hard on One Direction and if you so much as like them for their aesthetic qualities, you'll get laughed at (in certain circles - I am sure the Form 5s will accept you with open arms), so you think you're cool, mocking people for liking something mainstream while it's the hate, as well as the worship, that's become equally as mainstream. I think it's worth noting, out of the many life experiences that I've had with having a crush on people, that the opposite of love is not, as a matter of fact, hate. It's indifference.

So both sides of extremism are equally stupid. And, hey, what can I say, make love, not war, right? So I chose the side that worships, instead of being on the fence about it, because the fence in a dangerous place to be, especially when all of your friends are freaky fans like Hanna, Xueh Wei, Intan, all of them. Hanging out with these people, I have two choices: I can resent them and hate the fuck out of them for being super lame, or I could just... jump on the bandwagon? 

I don't like their songs, no way. Being a conscientious consumer of media, it is important to think and come to conclusions not clouded by rosy colored glasses of infatuation. I am aware that they are not selling music, they are selling a brand, and whether or not that brand is a facade is yet to be seen and besides which, as a consumer, as a person who's looking at the stage and not working behind it, it is honestly none of my business. That is simply a concept that is near impossible for die hard fans to grasp, as any form of criticism on anyone's part is seen as a jab. It's really society's fault in the first place, for making their crazy celebrity worship out to be something that is far more crazy than it honestly is. These fans who aren't open to criticism are insecure.

So to wrap it up, life's short. There's a need for mindless frivolity sometimes. I am not really a fan, because I honestly can't with the whole band, but separately, as opposed to an entity, the members of One Direction seem like lovely people. Taken out of the context of media, the fans are also rather mundane and far less crazy than Beliebers, although they should really get their act together if they expect to last for long. Longer than the average lifespan of a teen bopper band, anyways. I love poking fun at the fans, because they are honestly so shit dumb, but I can't do that, not to Hanna, not to most of my friends, not to people in general, because you like what you like. If you like ho yay, and can tolerate it, then by all means. If you like ponies, then buy a pony. If you like money, then steal money. If you like albino buffaloes, then force your parents to go out in the flood to find one for you. It's really that simple.

Plus, people's reactions when I tell them that I like the band is hilarious and have become pinpoint highlights of my day. I now look forward with great joy to that question.

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