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Friday, February 24, 2012

Let It Bee

Thursday was hilariously bad, but in a way that you might not have expected. I can't remember much about... well, anything, really, and this has become a 'thing' now, for me to apologize for not being able to remember anything from a specific day just about three days ago, but the thing is, nothing much went on worth remembering. Nothing much has ever. So Thursday was hilariously bad.

We started off with BM again and I guess we copied notes down and did exercises. Adequate and normal. And then we had to go to the library, I think, because of Mod Math, and there I sat with... actually, if I'm not mistaken, we went to the library a total of four times this week, so if you expect me to remember the different groups of people I sat with there, you'd be sorely disappointed. Nisa came at any rate, so I must have sat with her. We had English after, and Divyia wasn't in class so it's Pri again. Rare event it's become and all, but when I entered the classroom, I found a group of people I absolutely did not know sitting at my place. So they tried to reason with me that they sit there, and if that was an argument, let me tell you, it sucked. Basically it's my "I've sat here from the very beginning of this class" versus their "but we sit here" and what a surprise really that I managed to make them scoot away. But it was deathly annoying, because you came here from 4SD and it's absolutely not my fault that you don't have space to sit, but it's also not within your jurisdiction to decide to sit wherever the heck you want to sit. Especially if that wherever happens to be my seat.

The day before during English, when Divyia was there and it was a bad day because I didn't have a chair and all, Sie Mone told me towards the end of the class that there was a bug on my shoulder, so she kind of swiped it off. Great. Awesome. Thanks, man. And then on Thursday, there were several. I've recently stopped using my old body mist and have switched up to something else. And I now apparently smell like pollen or whatever it is bees like, because bees like me. I don't like bees.

At first it was tolerable, because I just sort of shook it off. But then there were three at the same time and teacher said Pri and I could move and I didn't care about moving, really, I just wanted the bees to be gone, but Pri said she didn't mind moving and really, those bees, so we moved to sit on the other side, near the windows facing the school compound and not the ones that face the sewers. So that was that, right? No. That was not that. The bees came to me. And we were studying this short story and I swear, nothing went in, nothing at all. All I know is that it's about a haunted typewriter (God, thanks a lot that this didn't happen to me and my typewriter). I switched places two times again after that and, well, the bee came after me (there was only one then, I guess) both times. Sick.

I was on duty for the direct sales booth for YE that day and it was okay. People bought stuff. I bought stuff for Hanna. And really, it's not like super pretty or unique bookmarks or anything. Fairly simple to do yourself. But I guess it says something about this consumer society of ours that people are really willing to buy anything you put any price on. They are also too lazy to select a picture of their favorite celebrity, print it out and laminate it. I guess effort is a thing of the past.

I don't think there were any more bees following me around throughout the day. There was the triple Science classes straight after recess, but lucky us, our Chemistry teacher didn't come so we shuffled off to the library. I think this was when I sat with Zaza and Khairina and actually studied some Add Math because Nisa was off giving out the YE bookmarks to classes. We did have Bio, though, but as a happy ending to a day in which I was harassed by bees, I did not have to stayback for anything.

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