The glorious and triumphant return of now-19 year old Blogger, the revival of a once-grand and dare I say influential webspace that produced daily content, and the crippling anxiety of a young woman who no longer has any time or motivation to write, and feels like any ability she had acquired in the past through repetition and sheer will alone is now slowly slipping out of her grasp. Brief history of the Blog and Blogger can be found here.

Here be personal journal entries, observations, slices of life, questions and conclusions, as well as exploration of social and political topics seen through the lens of a Malaysian Muslim, feminist, lesbian, Marxist, and horse enthusiast.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Interlude 41

"every single time the words “just a slushie” are uttered, the collective IQ of the human race takes a nosedive"
Every single time the words "Blaine Anderson is awesome" are uttered, the collective IQ of the human race takes a nosedive; Ryan Murphy gets an orgasm; I gasp and find new victims to hurl abuse at, maim and then later on after several hours of relentless torture, kill; the cats in animal shelters give a cry of dismay; and Tom catches Jerry and eats him and they have to find a new mouse to replace the Jerry that's in Tom's stomach.

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