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Monday, February 13, 2012

Daily Dose of Dullness

So Tuesday, then. That's where we're at now, isn't it? Even though it's currently Sunday, I'm still going to soldier on and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here that you're all actually interested in reading what I have to say. But that's the nature of blogging. We just write crap and hope that one person out of seven billion decides to want to take an interest. 

Tuesday started off better than Monday because I was just in a better mood. Monday left a lot to be desired but at least I didn't have to sit through painfully awkward dinners. But that's not for you to know about so we'll just continue with how Tuesday started off with PE. Pn Sabariah has left our schedule and firmly planted in place is Miss Foo... and Pn Rosmawati. Don't even ask or anything because I don't understand the logic behind these schedules either, but we're sharing that period of PE with three other classes - 4SB and 4SC. It's not that I'm not happy- well, actually, I'm not happy. And most of my classmates agree. When it comes to PE, we really would rather stick to ourselves. We did SEGAK, something I've been fearing for a long time because I just plain old hate it, but the sit-up portion was good because I did it with Sasha. We both suck. Actually, we both suck at a lot of things, that's why we chose to stick together. So there's those little things, I guess. I have not gained weight nor height, but at this point, I've justifiably given up so who cares? People tell me I need to eat more, I tell them I don't like food. What else is there to the conversation?

The classes after that but before recess were same old and I think this is going to present itself as a problem later on, but even an hour after taking a class, I can't manage to remember anything that happened during said class. This is not specially reserved for Islamic Studies, basically it's for any and all subjects. Unless I crapped pretty hardcore with my friends during a lesson, the chances of me remembering what went on during the lesson is something like nil. Except for, surprisingly, Add Maths, because that's the only class in which we have a capable teacher (who sometimes goes a little bit too fast, but who can blame her, really?). So Bio (which was directly after PE) was sweaty and gross, and I guess teacher made more crazy jokes that Divyia and I or Mas and I shared looks over. It always works out that way. That is the structure of the lesson. BM was whatever. I just remember walking into the Pusat Akses and discovering that there was in fact another class in there. Horror, really, and I let out a really audible "Huh?" as the members of the other class and Encik Yusof stared at me.

After recess was English. We went to the Media Room and Divyia wasn't there (she had to go somewhere for debate - skipping PE, best birthday present ever, really) so I had to sit next to Pri. I think all in all, it was an okay English lesson. And stuff. Yeah. Okay, after that was Islamic Studies (so high) topped off with Physics (I think she cried again) and that was my day. 

After was Accounts. Accounts was good that day because I think everyone had a blast. I know I did. Encik Yusof really messed up a lot of things big time and I enjoy our table of Maha, Zaza, Divya, and Marina. If I missed anyone out that would be embarrassing. Lucky for me I don't care. So it was a good Accounts class and if it continues in this vein for the rest of the year, you won't hear me complaining. Nisa and Damia dropped by towards the end for some reason. I guess they were done with the YE stuff that was still going on that day. I had planned on doing the YE board that day after Accounts class, and Thivyaa was there to help me out, but we barely got anything done and I ended up spending the whole time coloring in a caricature of the Queen of Hearts. I got the name of the club up, at any rate, so that was okay. Okay progress for an okay day.

So, there's been a lot of birthdays during February, one after another, but who cares. Happy Birthday, Divyia, may you one day get to meet the Biebs.

That was my Tuesday. Stay tuned for the next installment of my life.

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