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Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Expert In Hospitality

Friday was a continuation of sorts to Thursday, because apparently when you volunteered to play tour guides to a school from Indonesia, it's a two-for-one deal and you also get to skip another day of classes to play host to a horde of teachers from Kelantan. On Friday, Khairina spoke Kelantan, and none of us quite connected with the teachers, as the most probing question they asked wasn't about Korean pop, but rather about what age or form we were. The amount of times I've answered, "Form four," I tell you. The day started off with Add Math, and I think teacher was in a busy bee mode this morning because she hardly taught us anything except for the small revision bit we did on the homework, and then she told us to basically mind our own business, so Nisa and I talked and she did her Maths work from yesterday. She didn't come yesterday.

And then Puan Syarifah told us about the clash in Tasawwur and Add Math for SPM and Khairina was devastated while I just thought, well one less subject to study for. It's not an obligation, really, taking Tasawwur. I actually want to and it's not to increase the number of A's on my certificate or something (it's more to prove things to myself, as opposed to proving it to someone else because I for one don't much care for other people), but if I'm not able to, it's no skin off my back. I'm pretty lax. And as much as I think 11A's sounds pretty darn good, I'm not going to go out in search of English Lit or Economy extra classes or whatever. No use in anything there. 

We went off to the library for a relief period during Civics, and halfway through that, Esther said Divyia, Khairina and I were called to the office's balcony. We arranged chairs. I discovered that Khairina and Nazureen had previously gone off to eat. Khairina was bemoaning her fate: she had sprayed too much perfume inside her shirt and she said she was feeling under the weather due to the fact that she was living in a perfume-scented shirt. I wonder what it says about my sense of smell that I thought the fragrance was kind of dim and hard to detect. Khairina seemed to be in pain. After we arranged chairs for the tables on the balcony, Sau Mun said she would call us when needed and we took that to mean "Don't go back to class. Rather, stay and hang out at the Serambi Ilmu like we were meant to be there." The thing about looking like you know what you're doing is that no one ever questions you, so no one questioned us about what the hell we were doing hanging out at the Serambi Ilmu. I headed off to class halfway to get something. The place was empty because the class was off at the Pusat Akses for BM. Only Sau Mun was there. I asked her whether she didn't want to go for BM. She said she was lazy. 

It was only later on that I told Sau Mun that we had actually been hanging out in the Serambi, also skipping BM. Anyways, the teachers that were to visit our school were from Kelantan. Kelantan is a state in Malaysia. Being Malaysians, they were an hour late. When they arrived, we once again lined the walkway to the Gallery and greeted them. Puan Suhafna gave me brochures about the school to hand out to them as they walked by, but they also wanted to shake our hands, so I had to give them the brochure, and then salam them. It was awkward. It was also awkward at the Gallery, to think that the day prior we couldn't stop gushing at their shoes and how pretty they were, and Friday, Divyia just pointed out to me this teacher in a purple shirt who was making a pedo face at the camera.

We were pressed for time, since they were an hour late, so after the video presentation with the weird and depressing music, we led them up the stairs to the balcony for food. We had to serve them, which means Sau Mun and someone else pouring them coffee or tea, and the rest of us handing out these super cute Sea Master bottles to them. It's a new type of bottle and it looks like a bomb. Most of them (and later on, the Sri Aman teachers and basically all of the prefects-slash-tour-guides) kept the bottles. You go, Sea Master! After, we had a chance to eat the food, which was decidedly better than Thursday's food, while the guests watched Asmara Dana in the hall again, I guess, and I'm not crying to miss that or anything.

And after the Eco Band sang about compost to the tune of a Bollywood song, it was already half past twelve and we ended up not giving the tour after all. A bunch of them wanted to see our canteen. Divyia and I led the way and we thought they wanted to buy some water or something, but they just wanted to take pictures. Divyia was being a good tour host, showing them stuff along the way, while I just couldn't give much of a toss, because they'd be gone soon anyways.

They were gone soon, and we all returned to class. During Tasawwur, Ustazah Zubaidah assured us that if there's enough backlash, they might change the timetable for SPM, and once again, I felt a growing sense of apathy, because I couldn't care less. I spent about half an hour in the PR with Santra and Esther, talking about I don't really know what and copying down some of the day's homework that Nisa had neglected to write down in my book. It was a tiring day, full of walking and doing things, yet we didn't really get down to what we were supposed to do anyways, which was give the Kelantan teachers a tour of the school. All that fear and, as Lissa said, memorization of useless facts, were for naught. Boring day but better than average company. If school only comprised of six people, like spending the past few days with only Divyia, Khairina, Lissa, Sau Mun and Cassandra (with the occasional appearance of Nazureen), then I think I would enjoy it more.

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