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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ahead of A Curve

Wednesday was return to school day, and I am honestly sick and tired of writing and updating everyone on my life, but I like blogging, so what can you do about that? I don't really remember much from Wednesday. We have a new schedule now so I can't look at the timetable to refresh my memory. We started the day with PE, though, and I was walking around eggshells with Nisa, because life's tough, and there's a lot of things that you have to do, and talking to Nisa wasn't one of those things.

Fate intervened, however, as it always does (I hate fate), and Nisa, Damia and I ended up crawling around the school all through Islamic Studies, doing stuff for YE. It was a lot of walking around and by the end, I couldn't even feel the strain on my muscles anymore. Chemistry was good because I like Chemistry. I had learned a lot during the holidays, and unlike Physics and Bio stuff, most of it stuck. Miracle. Praise God. I had something to do during recess so Hanna was gracious enough (forced) to replace me at the labs. I don't really know or care about much, but the labs is the worst. It's the all time low of duty-places during recess. The canteen tops the labs.

Day moved on and strolled to a halt. This is quite short, so I'll continue with Thursday, shall I? I came to school and had homework to finish, Islamic Studies from the day before, so obviously things were chaotic and messy, but from what I've recently gathered, that was just another day in the life for Divyia. Since I rung the bell, it was not much of a trouble, because my sense of timing when it concerns morning duty is excusably skewed. I think that day we started on the new timetable with BM for first period. However, we had a brief talk about road run, general and technical stuff, as well as disciplinary issues. And then we had Islamic Studies. I know we learned and I know Ustazah hates it when a lesson goes in one ear, comes out the other, but it honestly feels like that and also like I had somehow transformed into a corpse during the class. Islamic Studies makes me fuzzy in the brain. Like an acid trip. I've been making that comparison a lot lately. I haven't actually been on an acid trip. Before recess was English. Pn. Mages comes in class half an hour late and wonders why she only always has half an hour for the class.

We had Maulidur Rasul celebrations at the Surau after recess. The guy was okay, better than most, although he sort of went overboard occasionally, and I sat with Zaza and Lea and later on Khairina. I thought it was going to be a bitch to find people, considering all the white heads floating around, but I entered and immediately spotted Zaza. Blessed with the little things. Later on, Elyza said we should be dutying and keeping the students quiet. It wasn't of my own initiative, I'll admit to that, but I had a staring competition with Cassandra and she still wouldn't stand up. So, there you go. I know that we aren't up to par lately, well actually we suck a lot lately, but if there were more than the bare minimum of prefects standing up and doing the shushing job, it would have gone... better, I suppose. Although I nearly had a panic attack somewhere in the middle there because there was noise everywhere and the source was indiscernible. That's a figurative panic attack, not a real one. Those are classified in categories of their own.

I talked to Nisa like normal, even though there was no want for it, and we agreed to go walking around on the road run route later on in the day. That will be included in the next post. This is how I'm going to end this post.

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