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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ahead of A Curve, Part II

Apparently, "It's a girl," Hanna said dramatically, in regards to the stalker Intan had, the MPH one. We pondered over this new development, and wondered whether it affects the chain of progress, as things were. It didn't, but it's still nice to be excited over this little morsel, especially since Nisa was so confused. Later on, I was cutting out the cardboard doll piece of Harry. I was wondering which side of his hair was the front part, which was the back. Hanna told me what's what.

"It's the other way around," Hanna said sometime later, examining the Harry hairpiece in nonchalance. I glanced up at her, racked my brain, and found a topic to grasp on.  "What? It's a guy?" again, I thought, thinking of the faceless Intan stalker, first a guy in a mustache, and then a girl in a headscarf, back to a guy again. "No," Hanna's response was slow, as if prompting me to think this through. I did not think it through. "It's a transsexual?" She was talking about Harry's hairpiece. What she said was the front, was the back. It was the other way around.

We were talking about Jamie Lynn Spears. Nisa thought we were talking about Kai. We were talking about her pregnancy and how nobody wanted to hire her because of it. It gets confusing after a while, chains of conversation, but when you're in it, it is hilarious. Hanna was Googling Jamie Lynn. She pronounced debut album as "de-but", like Malaysians pronounce 'the butt'.

Me: Look at the time. (9.15). I sleep at ten.
Nisa: But sometimes I text you after ten and you still answer?
Me: Well, I go to bed at ten. I read fanfiction.
Nisa: Well, what time do you usually go to sleep.
Me: I don't know. One?

First my mother and I picked Hanna up and then we walked to Nisa's house. From Nisa's we went up the hill, through the back ways past the apartments, to Sri Aman where we walked up the beginning hill of the road run route because Nisa was embarrassed that people were staring at us from the school. We went the entire road run route in the usual 45 minutes, give or take. We ended up at my house for drinks and then walked to Kampung Tunku school. We were on the swings at the park for over half an hour before I bought us all junk at 7Eleven. We ate at the park, talked, and then walked back to Nisa's house, initially to drop her off, but then we just barged in when Nisa was about to take her homework to bring to my house. At my house, already seven, Hanna and I did homework while Nisa (the one with the most homework) played with the cats. I told her to do homework. She said no. All three of us talked until we could talk no more. A good day all in all. Intan's depressed, so she missed out on this breath of fresh air. Even after road run tomorrow, we should (and will) do this again.

"Maju sukan untuk negara!"

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