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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Lesson In Polygamy

So as I am wont to do, I've neglected to talk about Saturday and Sunday and because that was a few days ago (as opposed to a few years ago, of course), I've forgotten most of what went on. But the gist, I think I can remember the gist. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, at around three, because my sister's lovely cat had been kind enough to leave me a little present in the bed again. Not poop this time, thank God, just piss. But it still pissed me off. Oh, now I remember why it was such a bad morning. Number one, I woke up with a kick-ass stomach ache and had to have a little toilet time myself, if you know what I mean and I can't believe I wrote that. Number two, I came back to back, feeling slightly better albeit light-headed, to find my sheets wet. Add those and I had gotten myself a shitastic morning.

It got better, thankfully, because I banged on my parents door and commandeered the bed. I woke up pretty late, too, because Maze called and said that there's this Drama Workshop at Subang, did I want to go? I wasn't dressed (or showered), haven't had breakfast, haven't caught up on my daily dose of Chris Colfer news, and it was eleven thirty in the morning, near noon, so of course I said yes, because if I hadn't what else would I be doing for the rest of the day?

The workshop was conducted by two Chinese dudes, an Australian chick, and a Miss Priscilla or something like that, whom I know because she used to be a vocal instructor at the place Helena goes to. Vague, I know, but legit, I swear. Most of this post will be vague because I've forgotten a lot of the details - my memory's getting better every day now. Maze, Leen and I were late. Very late. Leen and I were last minute stragglers, the type of people that cats dragged in, but we paid our dues and paid our fees and things ran smoothly from then on. I have only been to one Drama workshop before and that one wasn't fun because I think everyone ended up getting too emotional and started crying over nothing. If there's one thing I hate, it's a group of people crying. I think it looks stupid from the outside, no matter how emotional it is to the people seeing it from the inside. How cold of me. 

Other people I recognized who were also there were: Sufyan, Syaz (and a bunch of his friends whom I do know, acquaintances, but I don't know their names and even if I did, I won't bother trying to hazard a guess at spelling them), Nicolette and Elizah. Surprisingly, for the most part, I did not hang out with Maze, I just sat and listened to whatever they were saying or teaching or, really, to be honest, money's worth, I tell ya, because I wasn't listening to much at all. Elizah and I laughed and laughed and laughed over God knows what and we kept passing notes to each other because Syaz was sitting between us, even though nobody really cares if you're talking, this isn't exactly a classroom. I don't think we bordered on rude or downright indifference towards what the two Chinese dudes were talking about, but I just sort of spaced out for the most part.

And then we had lunch. This was two hour's in, because my gang had arrived late, but we got to enjoy the food anyways. The Chinese dudes (whose names I have forgotten but secretly remember and secretly I am embarrassed to even try to spell them) went up to Leen, Maze and I and talked to us for a bit about what went on before we came, and then they went to some other people because we weren't the only ones fashionably late. I liked the food. It was mee, common mee, but it was hot, which is a rarity. All catered food should be as hot as possible to mask the fact that they might taste like plastic or Chlorox. After that, the Australian chick taught us a little bit about history and showed us some video clips and Syaz was telling me about a play he wrote, "A Lesson In Polygamy," which he is campaigning to get us to perform. There were a lot of plot twists and stuff I never asked to know about, much less wondered in my spare time, but nevertheless, now I know them. Sufyan said he would e-mail me the script. Wonderful guy. I shall talk about in length some other post then.

To be honest, the actual drama workshop part of the Drama workshop was boring because it was nothing any of us didn't know, so mostly we talked and laughed and when it came time to do exercises, we goofed off. There were assignments here and there, but nothing to take home, and at the end of the day, everyone went home happy and sated, as if we had just had a round of sex instead of participated in a drama workshop.

The next day, woke up to McDonald's. Not a shabby way to wake up, hey. So I ate and watched Jumanji while waiting for Leen to pick me up. She is notorious for being the least punctual human being on the planet, so after the credits started rolling, that's when she rings the bell. The day's workshop was nothing extraordinary and I am just simply saying this to cover up the fact that I can't remember anything from it other than the fact that Syaz was telling his friends about his girlfriend. He sits behind me. He is cruel. I turned around to shut him up during a particularly interesting part about (I can't remember what the interesting part was, I just remember being rapt with attention) something and he smirked at me. And then it really ended sooner than I expected it to, after several more average exercises, partners and no partners, groups and no groups, that kind of thing. I mostly stuck with Elizah because she's being unnaturally kind to me and she's in the best mood these past few days. She even texted me random things. I think this is what they call progress.

I went home with Khatijah, Syaz's sister, and him, of course. Khatijah is a big fan of One Direction, despite being twenty years old. She said she finds them cute and since she apparently has nothing to do with her time (notice I didn't say 'nothing better', which would be rude), she listens to them. Sometimes. I don't believe her. I saw Up All Night in her CD case.

That is what happened during the weekend. I really expected this post to be longer. But we can't always get what we want.

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