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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Silver Slivers

Just excuse me if I get any of this information wrong, because even though this was a week ago, I still feel obligated to talk about it because I am a good blogger. Sue me. Well, so, on Wednesday, Hanna, Nisa, Intan and I guess I invited Nadiah as well but what use is that, really, were invited to my house for a sleepover. I don't even think it was my idea, but regardless I agreed to it so that's reason enough for me. No big specific reason, though. Just an average holiday sleepover.

What happened was this: Hanna said she was going to be there at five, and of course, at five, I was still in my pajamas, surfing the 'net and have I had a shower yet? Can't remember. Despite the state of my personal hygiene, I managed to pull it all together before Nisa arrived sometime around or before seven, and we hung out in my room, laughing like the bunch of loons that we are.

After Hanna arrived, I guess things started to progress. The great thing about sleepovers of our day and age is probably the fact that you can choose to separate yourself from the group at any moment you choose and go hang out on your laptop instead. It's really so great. So that's what we did, amid on and off conversations, until one of us (I think it was me, because if it were up to the three of us put together, we wouldn't be able to come up with a satisfactory decision that quickly) decided to order pizza for dinner and that was what we did. While waiting for the pizza, Hanna got on Skype with Intan, I think, and we managed to convince her and her mother to come over.

We talked a lot more and... yeah, we just talked until I heard the bell ring and the pizza guy came. We had pizza and then halfway through eating and talking, I heard the bell ring again and we assumed it was Intan and that assumption was correct. Turns out she had been waiting out there for nearly an hour and when she got in, she was near tears because it can't be a happy sort of activity to do, hang around someone's house for nearly half an hour. It's not like my bell's shot or anything, I heard it just fine. Neither Intan nor whoever was driving her had a phone in working condition. So I guess I apologized for that. For not hearing my bell.

The rest of the night was spent with more playing with my cats and... well, drag queens. For some reason, someone was rooting through Hanna's bag and found her makeup and that led to someone asking me for my makeup and I refused but I allowed them to play with my old makeup and then someone found that seashell full of glitter I bought at a market at Australia and since one thing leads to another, before we knew it, we had all ended up looking like drag queens. We took pictures but soon after, Afreena got on Skype and we washed our faces because it was just weird talking to her looking caked in several layers of makeup and glitter.

Afreena got a haircut. I don't know what everyone else is talking about but I like it. I don't know, I've always liked shorter hair. So then I guess we just all talked. Mostly about One Direction, so of course, I was not part of the conversation. And then I think I pissed Hanna off by pretending to not know who Ed Sheeran was and leering at everyone as they flailed over his music. Hanna was like, "What? You think I only listen to pop?" and I remember her excited text from a few years ago in which she told me that she was listening to indie pop and I leered at her some more.

We had planned on waking up at seven or something for a brisk walk. I don't know whether I wrote about this up there or not but I couldn't be bothered to reread. We all ended up waking close to twelve or something like that. That morning was crazy, though. The cats were climbing all over the place so I had to get them out and the space was so crowded what with the extra mattress and all so I decided to take one cat at a time. Got Caesar first and then just as I was trying to very carefully step over the unconscious bodies on the mattress, I tripped over one of them and fell on Nisa, sending the cat scrambling away. So it took two trips for two cats and then I got Fluffy in the room and he wasn't enjoying himself so I had to get up again to let him out. That was crazy.

We decided on a very late brunch of sorts at Citta. Hanna insisted on that same cafe we went to some time ago, but it was packed since it was lunch hour and all, so we went to Wondermilk because Nisa wanted some s'mores. And then we went "grocery shopping" and then we went to have lunch. Brunch. Whatever. Finally. Brunch was okay because I had lasagna and it was kind of huge so you bet I didn't finish it. Intan loved it, though, so she let her spaghetti go to waste and basically finished all of the leftover lasagna. And Nisa, of course. She's my go-to leftover-food-finisher. It was also funny because Intan confused Carlos Santana with Stevie Wonder. Really, that was a good time. 

A little later on, after we talked about things to not talk about, Afreena (on Skype again) showed us around her school and hid us in her bag. It must be weird starting school in a new place, a new country and all. To be honest, I haven't quite reconciled the old Afreena, the one back from primary, with the one that's in UK right now, that's why it's a little weird to think about it as 'one of my best friends who's now living in the UK'. It's not that I don't like her or anything, the contrary - after that whole Form 1 thing, I still consider her the nicest among the rest - but I just think I was more or less friends with the old her and she changed drastically, it was harder for me to recognize her, thus paying her the same attention as I would a friend.

We went home after that and for some reason, Nisa or Hanna or whoever, wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood. We did that and it was just getting enjoyable. We found a shortcut walk through the mosque that can be utilized for Road Run. But then it started to rain so we had to go home. Well, back to my house at least. After that everyone went home and it was me and my cats.

Smokey pooped on my bed that night and I was depressed about that, but also about the fact that there were another three days left until school started back up again. I think that this, as a post, is long enough.

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