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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Run Like the Wind

Things to remember about the National Zoo Trip, featuring Hanna, Nisa, Xueh Wei, Intan and yours truly.
  1. None of us had our MyKads with us so the lady at the counter kept asking us whether we were foreign. I snapped, Hanna said she hated the counter lady, and Nisa got pissed off at us both, which prompted us to get pissed off at Nisa. We still got the citizen price.
  2. We bought a crap load of shit at the zoo, and it's funny, because I was talking about this with Nisa the other day and we decided to pack our own foods since the snacks sold at the zoo are all freaking overpriced. But in the end, everything went out the window and we just went with it. Just bought the RM7 ice-cream and RM2.90 peacock feather (don't ask about that last one). Hanna and I bought corn-in-a-cups while Nisa had a waffle and Xueh Wei had a pancake thing and Intan got herself a drink because she's having mouth problems (also don't ask). Hanna dropped her spoon first. Few minutes later, I did. So we wasted two spoons that day.
  3. But it's okay. We gave back to the zoo. The face painting (five ringgit each) was money donated for the animals. Countless people stared and some were appreciative. Meanwhile, this group of guys said, "Tengok tu. Dengan ice-cream lagi," after we sauntered past in our hats, painted faces and RM7 ice-cream.
  4. Nisa's "face infection". She thought that the face painting was her skin peeling off.
  5. We passed by this place that I think is called Dataran Dato' Ismail Hutson and I was wondering whether you pronounce it the Malay way or the normal way (with it sounding like a regular 'hut') and Nisa was, like, "It's Hu-son. The 't' is silent." Later on, we were eating lunch at that place that sells crappy burgers, microwaved spaghetti, and surprisingly good chicken, situated right in front of that Ismail Hutson place. Nisa and I remembered the silent 't' thing and brought it up again in front of everyone else, and gullible Intan actually believed us, said, "Really?", and proceeded to spend the next few minutes wondering if we were joking or not.
  6. On our way out, we passed by the monkey place again, so everyone was staring at this one monkey and then suddenly, Hanna squealed, and I turned and someone had said "RUN!" and everyone was running away like mad. I honestly thought there was a monkey after us or something So I started running, too. And then people were staring because we were shrieking and running and wearing animal hats and had our faces painted and I asked everyone, "Why are we running?!" and then we finally stopped for some reason and Hanna pointed to Intan's shoulder and there was a caterpillar there. Oh, my God.
  7. And then there was this one moment outside when we were still hacking out a lung, laughing at the previous incident and then for some reason, we all ended up waving our peacock feathers around in a synchronized fashion. So I took a step back, walked away, turned around to look at them again from afar and began doubling over in laughter again. Because from an outsider's perspective, we looked like a bunch of loons escaped from the loony bin. We genuinely progressively got loonier. From the time I chastised Hanna for saying how retarded we looked in those animal hats, to the people gawping after the face painting, to the running around like animals, and finally the fucking peacock feathers.
  8. When my Dad saw us, he started laughing and then he whipped his camera out.
  9. Intan got me a cat plushie and I wanted to name it after Beyoncé's baby but then I realized that I really can't think of Ivy without thinking of that ho from 90210, so it's just Blue now. Actually, Bloo. Buy one, free one!
  10. In order, this is what we did at the zoo today: monkeys, Children's area, Animal Show, walked around a lot and crap, bought hats, more animals, got our faces painted near the tiger and lion place, some insects and butterflies, some extra animals we hadn't spotted yet, lunch at that place in front of that place with a silent 't' in the name, pass by the ponies at the Children's area again and the guy there gave us some long beans to feed the pony and The Pony is so cute, pass the monkeys again, ran like the wind, bought peacock feathers at the gift shop, took pictures outside the actual zoo, and bless the souls of every living organism that saw us today.

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