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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Miss Blame It On the World

short term goals (so that i can't just sit around, saying to myself 'i'm bored')

rewatch doctor who
Ah, it has been a fun (and enlightening) adventure! Not the first, second, third, fourth season, more like most of the sixth. I didn't finish, though. Got up to Night Terrors (today!). My computers have been acting up so I can't exactly get uninterrupted hours of viewing. Plus, my regular method of bypassing the Megavideo 72-minutes thing doesn't seem to be working anymore. It's been a good way to fill in time, though, and I really wish I hadn't devoted more time to fanfiction instead of this (or reading Doctor Who fanfiction). On one hand, I am in a good mood and I just asked my dad whether he would "like some pizza? It's in the TARDIS." On the other hand, I now think with the Queen's accent. There is no flip side, this was an excellent first choice for holiday activities.

finish reading the scarlet letter
Yes, indeed.

get haircut
Several haircuts. I have gone from The Dianna Agron, with half of my face covered in hair (and it provided me with great blowing exercises as I have had to blow the hair away from my eye countless times); to the concave, Keira Knightley hair, which is bad, bad, bad because I didn't take into consideration that it would curl so much at the roots; to the present With a Bang, which looks horrible and I'm just waiting for it to grow out and pushing it back in the mean time.

dye hair
Well, you can't have time for everything.

rearrange bookshelf!
Yes! Last year, I- well, two years ago, I arranged them in order of colors, which was pathetic because I couldn't find anything. Now I've taken the sensible approach and alphabetized them. Everything new goes on the new bookshelf and everything else gets crammed on the old one and surprise: (not really) it all fits!

rearrange itunes library :c
I got rid of a lot of songs and duplicate songs, which has always been my intention when had the idea for "rearranging" the library, but I guess it's still not enough and I'm still pissed at every song that comes on Shuffle, so maybe it was a wasted effort. Plus, I managed to find album art for all of the albums... for the A artists. Still. Small victories.

finish reading the hitchhiker's trilogy
And here are my reviews of it, starting with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - work your way forwards. I highly recommend it, especially if you like Doctor Who, and plus Douglas Adams, the author, wrote several serials of Doctor Who or something (not the revived version - the Tom Baker Doctor, I think) (actually, don't quote me on that; I'm not sure). My point is, very enjoyable, highly recommended.

read all the books i bought at the aftermath sale
i just read the one.

reread haunted for book club

clean up my minefield of a room
I rearranged some furniture, moved stuff around a bit and got the old rug washed (now it's worse, though: the red stripes bled into the white ones so I might as well have a pink rug). Most importantly, though, I got rid of all the junk in the trunk, namely my old school books and unused clothes, as well as really unimportant papers and odd bits that I kept around God knows why. Usually spring cleaning for my room includes dusting everything up, maybe clean a drawer or two, but mostly just shoving everything into the cupboards. This time I cleaned the cupboards out as well!

put up my fucking boards!!!!
Whiteboard's not up yet but at this point, I don't care, because the cork board is up and so is my shelf! Manual labor, too, all for the price of hanging up an overpriced Ikea shelf where there need not be a shelf. Whatever. I like it enough and it gives me a space to put my candles and I should just make a shrine, shouldn't I? Several pieces of paper stapled or tacked onto the cork board to remind me of stuff. Gotta wake up every morning to an inspiring message. Or in this case, a reminder.

final destination movies marathon
Eh, it was worth a shot. I used to be obsessed, not just with the movies but with the... what did they have again? Books? Comics? Whatever. I used to love me some Final Destination and I used to walk around the house, afraid of my own shadow, weeks after seeing Final Destinations 1 and 3 over and over again on a loop for a few days straight.

buy school stuff and stuff
Yes. Duh. Got new shoes and socks and the very important books but nothing else, I'm afraid. Very broke. Parents also very unwilling to spend more money on me than they already have. Can't say I blame them.

plan ellie and michelle get together 2k11
Done and done and done! Was ever so pleased and excited and charmed. Definitely one of last year's highlights. Sakina might be coming over this year and the visit might just coincide with The Hunger Games and if both of those hypothetical scenarios do indeed become a reality, I will force her at gunpoint to a meetup (and Ellie as well!) and we shall go to the movies and go ride the sunset together and I'm sorry, it's three in the morning, what did you expect?

get into starkid again :c
Sigh. On the bright side, the recent influx of How to Succeed news has made me feel definite Proud Mama Syndrome for Darren. But I still can't stick Blaine. I'm not going to pin it on Darren, though (or, well, I shouldn't) because It Is Not His Fault. As for Starkid, I am proud to say I have reconnected. Although I only had time to watch a couple of videos and AVPM, having completely lost track of time to go through their SPACE Tour videos. I am upset at this, of course, but it's not like I am unsustained by .gifs, if there is such a word as unsustained, which I suspect there isn't. Sigh. Double negative. Why do I get caught up in these things?

watch switched at birth
Colossal waste of time because they took something that had the chance to be potentially touching and educating and turned it into a dog and pony show. I think that's the term. Dogs and ponies. I don't know, I guess they just ran rampant with the story lines and it got more daytime soap than I originally bargained for and thus, I have an irrational hate of the show.

freaks and geeks marathon with nisa
In which we attempted to watch Howl and later on, The Breakfast Club, actually cook a breakfast food and rang in the first rays of sunlight with the first two episodes of American Horror Story, all while studiously avoiding watching Freaks and Geeks because Nisa's been forced to endure it with her mother, and we all know that can ruin almost anything.

lat's judy garland scrapbook
Um, not yet. Not even in the works, if I'm being honest. But I did say I'm making it for her birthday, so it won't hurt to actually start on it sometime before her birthday. Scrapbooks are tricky, after all.

lol study
Age old point on the to-do list but I am surprised that I actually got around to somewhat, maybe, quite possibly dipping my toes in next year's syllabus, including reading up on the first few chapters of Biology, Chemistry and Math and about half a chapter of Physics and Add Math as well as flipping through the fucky format of the BM SPM paper. I am almost, possibly, maybe not quite but somewhat screwed but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

I am screwed in a lot of ways, the least of which is the way in which I would actually like to be screwed (ooh, sexual joke! Call the Internet police but not so soon because I will be sixteen in less than six days, bitches!) (forget I said any of that, please). So maybe I'll just close my eyes and forget I'm living through this and everything will just fall into place.

Or maybe I can just blunder through it and hope for the best, eyes open. Either way, I'll be recording everything I will be thinking and doing in this here fine online journal, so as they say on the idiot box: stay tuned!

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