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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Misfortunes of Mankind

I am quite done with being all sad and mopey and despondent, thanks; not because I have a new outlook or anything, not even because I am excited that my sister sent me the e-mail of our ticket order confirmation, but just because I've simply cried it all out of my system. Fun fact before we move on: I wrote 'cried it all out of my sister' at first.

Yesterday, I went to school for that prefect Form 3 project thing. There weren't a lot of people, and let's see if I can remember them all. There was Divya, Santra, Violet, Ashwini, Sabrina, Lissa, me,  Divyia, Cassandra, Maha, Marina. And Xi En and Pui Ling and Farhanah. That's it, maybe? They hung the mirror and the hooks for us to hang our blazers when we change (notice I said they because I can neither hammer nor dredge up an ounce of damn). They also hung up boards for us to pin up pictures (and then someone said, "Shouldn't we have put up the pictures before we put up the board?" and then someone said, "Does anyone have any pushpins?"). 

I sifted through some pictures with Ashwini and Lissa and Sabrina and Divyia to hang on said boards (some other time). Honestly, it reminded me of one of those home decoration shows, only it was a fail, because once again, we all ended up sitting at the table, raising the roof and making a ruckus. I talked to Divyia for the most part and then I went home and that really was an abominable waste of my time but it was sort of fun.

Onto another matter entirely, Nisa made plans with me last week to come over and have a Freaks and Geeks marathon. So I plucked up the pluck and asked my brother whether I could borrow his media player (our everyday conversations generally consist of "Where's Papa?" "Where's Mama?" "Makan."). First it was scheduled on Monday, and then Tuesday, and then Friday and now today is Friday and Nisa said she would be going at around 7 so I woke up at 8 something and started raising hell and high water, calling up Hanna and Nisa who apparently don't take kindly to me calling them. God knows what is up with Nisa's phone, and Hanna told me to leave her alone, she wanted to go back to sleep.

Now it's nearly one in the afternoon and I made the mistake of assuming. It has indeed made an ass of me. I assumed that my mother would still be around and that there was no way she was going to get out of the house as early as eleven something. So after going back to bed, I woke up at nine, the alarm that I set for myself to wake up and tell my mother that I needed her to drive me to Hanna's. But I thought, no, never mind, no way she's going to even be up.

Of course everyone knows how this story ends. Nisa called me up when I woke up at eleven thirty and asked me if I could pick her up to go to Hanna's and I said yes. And then I walked out of the door to find my mother gone. The car gone. My sister, incapable of driving stick. Merde. 

We're going to sleepover Hanna's house tonight, I think? 

One epic fail after another.

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