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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Out of Narnia

001. My sister and I went to Subang to get chocolates that she had ordered online or something like that. She told me we were going out at 9 and me, forgetting the fact that the shops barely open at ten, woke up at about seven and got ready and dressed by eight something and then I went to wake my sister up and she grumbled at me. It wasn't the most pleasant of mornings, unless you count the gigantic avalanche of fanfiction updates that morning. People get busy on Friday nights, don't they?

Breakfast was cereal for me but then my sister, my Dad and I had a sort of brunch at Secret Recipe and of course I didn't finish my food. And then we just went around. I saw the kiosk selling Pillopets. There was a purple bunny with the polka dots under its ears! They were sold out when my sister went to buy my Chris Chang. Sad but I like sheep, too, I guess. And I can't believe I added an 's' after sheep the first time I typed that out. I honestly don't think there's more to the story than this, other than the fact that I got candy canes and tiny little candle holders for my thousands of candles.

002. There was some problem or another with my sister's car, so instead of the intended hour of 2, we left around something past 3. I hate writing with numbers. Anyways, we had lunch at home and the journey took four hours or something like that and I had wanted to connect my iPod to my sister's radio via Bluetooth but things didn't run smoothly at all so I just listened to my own music while my sister had the radio on. I don't remember what we talked about but who cares at this point because this happened almost a week ago.

003. We stayed at my sister's friend's house in Johor Bahru. That night, we had pizza and watched The King's Speech. Also, cats! They were locked up in a room, which I think is kind of sad because Fluffy gets to walk wherever the hell he wants to go to, but I guess some people prefer house cats. Probably just as well, since my sister's cat is such a scaredy, he wouldn't last a single night at a cat fight club.

004. We left at nine for the Singapore. I had planned to call my Dad to remind him to switch on the computer because I had a cake waiting to be baked in the oven (a Torrent waiting to be downloaded) but I forgot. It was a cab to CIQ, a bus into Singapore and another cab to Marina Bay. We got the tickets first and then walked around a lot. I saw on the website the other day that there was going to be a Narnia exhibition but it was a pretty small exhibition and it was super open. Like, we could see everything going on inside from the outside. So what was the point. We had a sort of lunch, I guess, because it was just sandwiches and a pie or something (I can't remember) and chocolate mousse. I don't know why I don't consider that heavy enough for a lunch but all right.

We had a lot (a lot!) of time to spare before actually being allowed to enter the theater at one so I guess we just... walked around or something. Went to Cold Storage, some other shops, the toilet, and then one o'clock rolled around and we went back to the theater place. Of course everything in the souvenir shop was overpriced, but it wasn't as bad as how Ellie described Wizarding World (thirty something for a keychain or something?) (and fuck you, spell-check, keychain is one word). But I still couldn't afford anything so it was into the theater we go. Went. Whatever.

I thought I saw Gloria walking around among the many people milling around in that waiting place, but I was sort of preoccupied with thoughts of "yay, I'm going be seeing Wicked!" and the like so I didn't really pay close attention. And plus, how embarrassing would it be if I had tapped her on the shoulder and it turned out to be another person? I did try, though; I circled around her a bit but then my sister was like, want to go upstairs, so we went upstairs and I forgot all about it. Giving props where it's definitely due, my sister goes all out. We got the front row of the top tier (I don't actually know what the tiers are called so whatever), overlooking the stage. Like, near where some of the lights are. The railings in front of us were kind of annoying but I could either sit up and forward to or slouch down in my seat to get a spectacular view.

The show itself was nice. I mean, I know, I know, Wicked is overrated in some if not most circles, but it's still the first musical that I've ever watched that was from Broadway. So I am thankful and all of that and I still can't get some of the songs out of my head. I don't know what else to say, I mean, I'm no critic. I'm not writing a review or anything.

I was surprised at how much I already knew the plot, probably because I unconsciously understood the songs as I listened to the soundtrack. Also surprised by how much it reminded me of my favorite Shakespeare sonnet, and if you don't know which one that is, shame on you, ignorant reader (but it's this one, anyways).

005. Three cabs back to Johor Bahru. That night was more subdued because we were both tired from... travelling and walking around, I guess. My sister wanted to watch that Amelia Earhart movie with Hilary Swank and Richard Gere and, okay, I can appreciate a kick-ass female role model and all, but aviation has never, nor will it ever be, a particular interest of mine. Still lookin' good, though, Richard Gere. My mother loves him. Later on in the night, I watched The Smurfs on my sister's laptop. Cutesy and all and that song that's supposed to be annoying is actually very endearing, in my opinion, but overall, I was rooting for the cat with the faces the whole way through. And I kept cringing at how much these people destroyed. I mean, that was a perfectly nice toy shop.

006. We headed to my sister's house the following day (and if it's getting hard to follow, that would be a Monday). I read fanfiction a lot. And then fell asleep. Home alone because my sister was at work so I had to feed the cats and clean their poop and stuff. There was absolutely nothing to eat so I had to make do with an almost finished bag of nachos and instant soup. On the plus side, my sister had a nice stock of those Nescafe mocha things.

007. I love cats. I wonder how many times I'm allowed to say this before it starts to sound redundant to my ears, but I have a feeling, quite a lot of times.

008. Singing session turned bonding session. I took Caesar and sang Lion King songs to him, and then Smokey (Smoky?) and sang Anastasia songs random Disney ones. Smokey (however you spell his name) had taken a shining to me by then and he would come up to me on the bed and curl up at my feet. Even Fluffy doesn't do that!

009. My parents arrived. How do I know that my mother hasn't been abducted and replaced by an alien in a human body suit? My mother A) loves the stuffing out of cats, like I do, and she wouldn't stop fretting over the two cats when she arrived but then later on, she would have them sleep in the other room because she didn't want the door opened and the smell of poop to come in and bother her, and B) she didn't bring pajamas so she borrowed a shirt from my sister and wore nothing else to bed.

010. The next day was just kind of... a day. We had lunch with my sister and came home to an empty house (my parents brought along our maid to clean the place up and my maid stayed behind while we all went out for lunch). It turns out she (my maid) was on yet another one of her random excursions and my mother blew her top. But life moves on. And after a lot of hullabaloo, we finally headed home. Smokey wasn't even scared of me when I came after him to hug goodbye. My sister said that when she goes to New Zealand for two weeks next year, she'll let me take care of him!

Which brings us to today.

I'm sorry for the format and I'm sorry I didn't write much. I have other things to do.

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