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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Energy Saving Mode

Or Alternatively, A Merry Chrismas Post
Get it? See what I did there? Chris-mas?

So yesterday when I woke up for Subuh, I realized that weeks of having an itch down my throat and the occasional coughs had culminated into one gigantic sore throat and blocked nose, searingly painful and annoying respectively. It felt like several paper cuts to the tonsil. And I'd also developed a bit of a fever. All right then, that was Christmas Eve for me.

The day passed on with copious amounts of hot tea and soups and I watched The Wizard of Oz four times in a row when my parents and sister left for my grandmother's place (I decided not to go because of the uncooperative nose and body and immune system). If I ever hear "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz" one more time, it would be too soon.

And then it was night time and I was all tired out and my sister and parents called (I can't remember which one of them or which two of them) and I decided to go to sleep. So I threw away three pieces of uneaten Nutella'd bread, dragged all my pillows and my quilt and my cat to my parents' room, and wished people Merry Christmas on Tumblr before realizing that the WHOAH SLOW DOWN THERE thing had started to appear and I might have missed out on wishing a handful of people and I didn't care so I turned off the A/C and wrapped myself in two quilts and fell asleep holding my cat's paw.

In my feverish state, of course it would be incomplete and unfair if I didn't experience a feverish dream. It was a terrible one, in which I asked someone whether they had watched the new season of Bones and that someone (I know who it was, I'd just rather not mention it) said that they didn't like it because Bones and Booth didn't work as well together as they used to and I said, what, you're crazy, but that someone said that Bones and Booth reminded them of me and them, as in me and that someone and this is crazy, isn't it, I mean I should end this sentence? So it was a terrible dream for reasons only I know and I don't even know but I woke up to my nephew watching Phineas and Ferb Christmas specials on television and it was the first time in ages that I deemed Disney Channel watchable. 

Now everyone's out and my parents and sister aren't back yet but I think I'm feeling slightly better so it's the little things, I guess. (Credit for the art.)

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