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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happiness (In Pursuit of)

A million things to say but only one thing worth saying.

Friendship is sacrifice. It's sacrificing your dignity, your pride, your ego, your sanity and yourself. It's going to sleep at night, giving up on everything, and waking up in the morning ready to do it all over again. I can't believe it to be anything else. I can't believe that there will come a day in which I'll wake up and feel like I don't want to try with any of my friends. 

I don't particularly like them all that much. I don't enjoy their company sometimes. But friendship is tolerance, and acceptance, and crying your eyes out at things that might not hold as much weight as a hallucination. At the end of the day, it's trying and doing. It's knowing that they're putting in as much effort as you are. And that's why honesty's so important to me. I don't see it as hurtful. I see it as moving forward.

Friendship is helping each other to move.

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