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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Exclamation Post

Yesterday, I got Hanna to watch West Side Story because I still have it on my computer from the last time I downloaded it for a day-long movie marathon. I didn't delete it (like the other movies) because it took the longest time to download and just felt like such a... waste. So I told Hanna straight up that she'd be screaming at the end. Hey, what d'you know?, she screamed at the end.

So she slept over last night and it was a lot of doing nothing coupled with watching West Side Story and attempting to watch AVPM (she hasn't watched it yet. The download was being far too slow and don't even get me started on YouTube. Anyways, I don't think it's for her, since she doesn't seem to have an innate love for musicals and also, I just don't think it's her type of humor) (more for me, then). We also talked about things that I really would like to mention but I'm afraid it might do damage to our reputations. Of which there isn't much (mine, at least), but it's never wise to deliberately destroy a reputation that hasn't even had the chance to get up off its feet yet. Or, who knows, maybe it has one foot. Singular.
"I don't think I could ever do roleplay. I mean, what if I'm just like in the middle of it and then suddenly, it's like, 'Wait. I read a fanfiction about this once'?"
We actually had a good enough time yesterday. We went to Toys R Us and got baby food (for us) and when I told my mother about this, she said, "You eat baby food? No wonder you act like a baby." And that shall be presented without comment.

I've been having a good couple of days lately. I mean, I wouldn't call feeling out of the loop and out of this world hungry all the time good, nor am I particularly inclined to commend my computer for being the slowest piece of junk to ever be called a revolution in technology (I'm guessing that that was ages ago). But I'm looking at this from the bigger picture.

I have some things lined up for December that I think I'm very excited to delve into. Fingers crossed that all my plans pan out beautifully. On the other end of my life, the virtual end, there has been other developments, the most notable of which is my second time win for NaNoWriMo, which is shit if you want to spell it properly with the proper capitalization. I am cheering on all of my fellow authors. But just so we're clear, this is not what I wrote on the actual printed version of the certificate.

Currently watching AVPM which I downloaded overnight! (Delving back into Starkid is on my list!)

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