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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Relax (Take It Easy) (Love Nothing)

We don't have summers here. The more-often-referred-to Summer, which, as we all know, is the three months school break that separates one school year from another, is simply end-of-the-year break for me. Us. Whatever. But since I have friends who live outside of Malaysia (and outside of the Asian regions) and they do celebrate summer for all of its glory, I get to enjoy, secondhand, summer as they live it. Summer also happens to be when fall-schedule television shows have their hiatuses and it's coming to an end.

So it's sad that I don't get to fully enjoy fall television this year (compared to last year and prior years) because of PMR but then again, there's always after PMR to think about. And since it involves Chris and since, well, I feel a weird sort of loyalty slash obligation towards Glee anyways, I thought I'd just share some of what I've been... doing over the summer hiatus.

And, really, it isn't my fault that I spent the majority of my time on kurt_blaine. It really isn't. I mean, I know that there are tons of fanfiction out there not centered around those two and, heck, not even centered on Kurt but it's kind of the missing-limb thing again, when I ship something so hard but the show doesn't deliver at all and I actually felt like crying at their exchange of I-love-you's in New York not because it was cute or adorable or sweet or anything but because I hated it so much and Blaine makes me want to shake Darren by the shoulders sometimes and say, "What do you think you're doing?" but, of course, I still love him. Darren, I mean. And because of all of that, I console myself with fanfiction, with writers far better at continuity than RIB are and usually I would defend them, you know, the writers, but after spending an entire "summer" reading things so mind boggling and good (as opposed to the content of the show), it does make one... reconsider one's loyalties. I love Ryan Murphy as much as the next guy (which is to say, not much) but I love the friends I've made through the KB fanfiction sub-sub-fandom as well.

So! I've recced so much HG here (with a side of everything else I took a fancy to) but I've been a bit wary of reccing anything Klaine, because of the obvious (my readership, shout out to you guys, whoever you may be), save for that one time I gushed about Mi Casa Es Su Casa but really. Whatever. If I were set on listing out my favorite fics, that would take ages but I'll just recommend some of my summer favorites which (mostly) contain feelgood, summery vibes and all the fluff.

As an aside, I am sorry for the R/M (dare I say that word that starts with an N and ends with a 7?) ratings on some of them. I mean, this isn't a list of things you should read, because most of my friends don't read fanfiction. Nisa even asked me what the point of fanfiction was once. But this is just, you know, for posterity. So that if I feel in need of a good summer read, I'll know what to look up. And, yes, I know how pathetic it is to read more fanfiction than books but I don't have any money. So sue me. (But, no, actually, don't, because some people actually do get sued for writing fanfiction but, not, you know, reading it, so in retrospect that joke was probably in bad taste). (But not really). Also I really can't stand RPF. Just. Ew. Also (squared) I haven't read a lot. Like, I mean a lot (because I usually read them all). I've been busy. Studying.

Sigh. Hm. This is what contentment feels like. I've also read this somewhere around seven times and it doesn't get tiring. Ever. Just. Beautiful. (Soft-R and just all the romantic schmoop in the world. If you're not in a relationship, you probably won't enjoy this as much).

That Kind of Light by ohquixotica
And while we're on New York, let me just rec this and probably EVERYTHING written by this author. Stylistically, ohquixotica's my second favorite in all of Klainedom (quite possibly my third favourite in all of the fandoms I've read fanfiction in) and this is a New York fic! Which occurred in summer! And it's a road trip fic! And while we're at it, hello, one of the most pleasant-to-read fics ever: How Something Like Luck You Are. (NC-17, though).

rm's future verse, which starts with Following Home
To be honest, there are some parts of this verse that I don't enjoy at all. And it's definitely not feelgood, summery. It's more like dig deep and you'll find out just how deep this verse can get. And I hate "deep" fics, mainly because they come off pretentious. But I like mostly what rm's done with the verse so far and I especially like it more now that they've moved from Boston to DC. It's pretty much grownup, coupley stuff, with some food for thought if you like that kind of stuff. (Ranges from PG-13 all the way up there).

The Anderson Boys by tara1031
Because I love tara1031 and her It's Sunset and Vines verse, which is more summery than The Anderson Boys, but out of all of her other stories, this is my absolute favorite. (Really nothing to worry about, ratings-wise).

Illicit by emilianadarling
I'm not even kidding about how offended you'll get reading this if you're anti-drugs. I mean, not saying that everyone shouldn't be anti-drugs but. Anyways, because it involves weed, it's just a really light, shimmery, floaty sort of story with shots of intensity throughout. (Um. A really, really high rating? NC-17).

Seize the Time by denofiniquity
Is everything I've ever looked for in a fic. Kurt's working backstage on a production of Star Trek: The Musical. There really isn't anything else to add to that (Blaine plays Will Riker). And it's just a bunch of people being fabulous with undertones of inner angst! (Totally PG-13).

I love everything about lookninjas' Ben!verse but this one's my favorite. It involves summer, sure, but you'll probably feel either disconnected from your body or cry your eyes out after reading this. Whatever. There's another fic from Blaine's point of view but I like this one better. It's really good. And that's coming from me, Miss I Never Read Angst (which is a lie because I spent all my car rides listening to my podfic of The Time Traveler's Heart). (Kind of not PG-13 for "themes").

The Proposal by paundromat
Let's take it up a notch from feelgood to VERY feelgood! Basically, it's the movie The Proposal, but it's Klaine, and it's really funny. So really. (It's funny so ratings don't matter).

Finn's Great Confusion by fitz_carraldo
If you want a laugh, you've come to the right place. Finn thinks Kurt is pregnant. All the laughs. Seriously. All of it. (See: it's funny so ratings don't matter).

I love jakia. I really do. And this is one of the most interesting and unique (and meta) fic I've read all "summer". (Not even a peep. But I guess bullying, so that warrants a PG-13).

Is hilarious. Is great. Is by wordplay. (I don't really think it's NC-17. More like slightly more graphic than usual R).

If you're looking for Hunger Games AU, look no further! No, seriously. I know quite a few, but this one takes the cake. It's grounded in actual THG canon so it can be (very, very) loosely referred to as a crossover. An AU crossover. Still. I cried so much it's not even funny. (Mostly violence but, eh, it's THG).

Right Behind You by moxbatch.
Kurt broke his leg so he couldn't go to New York but that's totally all right because he BEDAZZLED it. (Cutesy fluff so it's just PG-13).

Fashionably Late by venus_aurea, The Boy from the Lima Bean by kaiyrah, Coffee Cups and Inspirations were all discovered in one week so I'm just lumping them all together. All super cute, super fluffy and nothing but PG. I think.

I love caroline_shea, really, but I don't know what else to rec? I mean, as far as "light" and "fluff" and "hngg" goes, this is just a one stop destination of fulfillment. Hm. That sounds weird. I really like the fic, though. (NC-17).

The Archivist by what-larks
I've grown fond of epistolary fics. Or epistolary anything, really. (R, according to author, but I don't think it's that hard).

Shit, yeah, this is pretty good. I'm running out of things to say. I like everything I'm reccing. What. This, though. This broke my brain. I think. Quite possibly. Or something. (R)

I don't know what my problem is. I say I don't like angst and like, half of this is angst. This one made me suffer with thoughts and feelings for an entire weekend. (Pretty tame, lots of "themes").

bravi by nthcoincident
Because of the fact that the writing has really, really, really gone downhill on the show, I don't think coincident will be writing much more Glee in the future. But nthcoincident used to be everything to me. Favorite writer in the fandom, although sadly, I don't think nthcoincident is part of the fandom anymore? Um, this is not feelgood, but it is really good. (I don't think ratings matter when it's coincident!).

[Um, now I'm sort of giving up on this because it's been sitting pretty in my drafts for the last four days and I still just can't find it in me to finish it. Studies to study. Books to book. Life to live. So this is by no means a complete list of what I've read and enjoyed this summer. Honestly, I don't bookmark stuff, so I worked my way backwards through k_bl's Weekly Rec Posts and got as far as... well, not far.]

[Also, I'm really sorry that pretty much half of this is pure, unadulterated angst.]

Because I was talking about summer and stuff, let's just get back to what made me originally want to write this whole thing: which was to recommend fics that reminded me of long and lazy summer days. I didn't do a really good job of that (although, true to word, mostly all of these fics - with the exception of bravi - were discovered during the "summer") but here's two of my favorite summery fics that was written during this "summer".

The Pip With Pizzazz (and its sequel Wiz-n't He Wonderful) by herostratic
Headcanon, headcanon, headcanon! Seriously, this is just the funniest, it involves Jesse St. James and here's a tip: if you read this at 1 in the morning under the covers of your blankets, you will actually roll right out bed laughing. So don't do that. (PG-13).

The Luckiest by wordplay
If you asked me how many times I have read this, I would be embarrassed to tell you. The biggest of all Big Chill stories. wordplay is a genius, a mastermind, an icon. I can't decide whether I want to be wordplay, villiageidiot or nthcoincident when I grow up. Anyways, the thing I admire most about this story is how spot on the tone is. It's just so beautiful. I can't. (NC-17. Obviously, I am not as eloquent as the writers who wrote the stories I've listed up there. I really don't have anymore to say. This story was recced so many times in the Weekly Rec Posts that it's obvious, really obvious, how lovely it is).

Read all of this. Just. All of it. I will rec mothergoddamn until I can rec no more.

No, but, seriously, I felt like I haven't done this fic enough justice. I'll rec it times a thousand, if that's what it takes.

In anticipation of Season 3, I bring you: Operation Get-Klaine-Back-Together by commen_sense and all the stories by villiageidiot, but specifically for this purpose, it's Friday; I'm in love, the one wherein Blaine and Mike like cardigans, and if there's hellfire, he's totally down with that. (All completely light with sprinkles of angst).

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