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Saturday, August 27, 2011


"You just don't like things that are overly commercialized." 

Hm. Point. I don't know. I mean, it's not like I am any less annoying about my fangirling. I just don't honestly know. I guess it's the case of these kind of things actually mean hard work and effort for me - staying up till odd hours in the night, finding download links that were clear enough to GIF, taking the initiative to strike a conversation with other fans. For others, though, for certain others... it's like these things just fall into their laps. They don't actively search for it, they're spoon fed it and whatever is being shoved in their faces is whatever they're going to end up consuming that day.

So after hard work, after blood, sweat and tears and long nights of trying to stay awake, I just find it a breach of the fandom's sanctity whenever someone else admits to being a fan and it's such a terrible, terrible habit, I know. I shouldn't. I really shouldn't feel this way at all because I don't have a right. I am standing as tall as everyone else (and shorter, in a literal sense). It's not like I'm on some higher moral ground than everyone else. So this, just like my mostly present misanthropy, is really bad. 

I don't quite mind if you say you like something I like. Just don't fangirl over it like you think you're fangirling harder than I am. And I understand that we could do it together, but we don't use the same medium for fandom, and everyone knows that. 

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