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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

stitch up your spine to keep the suitors away

"I can tell lah."

You are so funny. Like, seriously. I wonder if she knows, though. I mean it doesn't matter in the long run but it would have been nice to know. Just for... information's sake. And I always thought that she didn't know because she would have confronted me about it but then again, I realize we're all dealing with a level of passive agression never before seen in the entire history of the human race here.

Or maybe she just plain old doesn't know. She's right next to her. And yet now that I've finally come to a few conclusions of my own, things are really screwing themselves over without my assistance. I don't need to intervene. I think this is one of those out-of-body experience. I'm pretty sure I'm physically involved somehow but I'll just try not to be around spiritually.

It's like that proverb, kuman di seberang boleh nampak, gajah di depan mata tak nampak.

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