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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shut Up and Deal


Like that? 

Anyways I've been wanting to blog about TGP for a while now because, um, I kind of watch it and semi-like it and the finale actually left me with feelings. Although I liked the season well enough (I mean, hello, Damian/Cameron/Hannah OT3 and Lindsay and Emily!), I'm not so sure about a second season because the show would probably lose the element of surprise that made me continue watching it in the first place. Plus, you can never really trust these behind-the-scene Glee people for second seasons. (But I would watch! Just for Zach!).

Anyways, when the final four squealed at the return of the other contestants, I squealed as well! And, okay, so maybe that's not a huge surprise because it's been done to death on most reality TV shows (right?) but everything was just so precious! I couldn't care less about Bryce lifting Lindsay up or Mc-however you spell her name hugging Samuel. The OT3 though! "The threesome's back for another while"! I don't even like Cameron, beyond being totally physically attracted to him because come on, nor am I a big Hannah fan as the only thing I like about her is that she's pretty and has a pretty decent voice, but the cute! The re-meet cute! I'll admit to not liking any of these people all that much, I mean, like I don't stan them or anything, but that's to be expected since my level of investment for the show is like... um, only like as a casual viewer.

The only person I wanted to win, though, was Damian, mostly because he had me at "I wish I was Jessie's girl". That had me cracking up during random moments for about a week. But back to the DSB performance: Emily's back, gleeatch! Oh, how I've missed her. Seriously, I get that she used humor as a shield against her vulnerability and in the long run, it's harmful to her as an actress, but so many people (read: Cameron) have been given second chances for worse mistakes. I am sad for Emily. But totally glad to see her back. And the fact that everyone's wearing red makes me happy. It was a nice performance even though I think the harmonies were hilariously bad in some places. I don't think Alex can harmonize well. 

Onto who I think should have won/my opinions and thoughts on the final four before I get on with RYG: all right, so I've always been rooting for Damian. His accent is not even a contributing factor. But that Irish rap thing he did earlier on was too cute to be true. And I really like how he works the microphone stand. None of the other contestants quite perform like he did, although in some last chance performances, there's no denying that he did a lackluster job (especially the earlier ones - the ones that we can watch and not say "oh, look how you've gotten better each and every week). He's awesome, and that's about it for my thoughts regarding him. I never really liked Samuel but I do agree with Ryan that there's something both wholesome and dark about him (mark it in your calendars, folks! I'm agreeing with Ryan Murphy!) and he has worked his butt off with the maximum amount of luck possible to manage escaping the bottom three for... a lot of weeks. And his version of Jolene was not forgettable! 

I've always never minded Lindsay because even if she's unlikable, I am, too, and really, towards the end, they really did seem like they were getting along just fine and I'd chalk up her extreme bitchiness to the cut and paste editing of the show (as with all reality shows - there needs to be drama, without which, there really would have been no point). Now, Alex is the person who I think deserves to win the least. He completely deserves to be standing at final four, but that's just about it. If it were an elimination going into final three and he wasn't eliminated, I would have written letters of dissatisfaction. It's nothing against him, personally, because whatever he's done (the thinking he's the best dancer, the being an actually dull dancer on camera) were all excusable enough given the high-strung circumstances. And there really is no denying talent. But it's more of the way that he carries himself that I'm not comfortable with. I think he's a bit of a conflicting story, although once again that might have just been the editing, but I still find it unsettling every time he tries to take direction and goes in an entirely different direction than what I had originally hoped he would have gone in. Anyways, all of those are personal opinions and I'm going to be moving on now because I can't believe I actually wrote this much on a TV show, a reality TV show, based on... Glee

Okay, so I'm skipping saying anything on choreography (oh, I'm basically not making a post about TGP in its entirety - just the finale - in case that's not clear enough) because a) nothing to say, and b) AH, ZACH! Oh, and c) AH, EMILY! It's just nice to see her again! Aw, in the vocal studio, Lindsay did such a crappy job. Damian! As well as making Nikki smile, he made me smile as well! (No, darling, you're not ending up on that wall next to Chris but you're doing such a good job of being adorable regardless!). Hell, yeah, Nikki! (They probably aren't that nice in Ireland either, but whatever). And I don't care about Samuel and Alex. Onward!

Dance, fun, energy, HEIGHTS! Notes on the video: Samuel did pull it off great, Lindsay did a fantastic job during the bridge, I don't understand the concept of the music video at all but then again that's nothing new, sadly Damian didn't really pop other than his first part in the first verse and Alex... um, did a good job on his 'come on in's. Marissa looks so good with straight hair, EMILY!!!! (I'm sorry, I just really like Emily, okay). I'm so happy, though, because most of the time, the four of them are either too flat or too sharp (except for maybe Lindsay but, like, she's not versatile - I forgot who said that, Nikki or Adam or whoever).

Lindsay's face when Nikki told Damian that he's not the best singer, actor or dancer is my favorite. She's smiling so bad. Alex singing I Am Changing? Pure love, I've gotta admit. And a little bit of respect. But if he were on American Idol (which, by the way, never ever. Shout out, Samuel!), the clueless judges would be asking him to 'vary it up a little' and be more 'surprising'. But why fix what ain't broken, right? That is a sexy guitar! Oh, God, Samuel.

I applaud Lindsay for choosing Gimme, Gimme. It's such a good song for her voice. No comment on Alex doing drag. Kind of overkill, for me, just a little bit, because he's done it before, and there's 'don't fix what's not broken' and then there's 'we've seen this before! Next!' Can I just say, though, I love Damian when he's, um, talking or doing those confessional-type things, especially in that white shirt and that messy hair against that yellow background, because seriously, yellow is really his color. Please, Lou, make this dream of mine come true!

I'm so happy about Lindsay's performance. I mean, Thoroughly Modern Millie's not my favorite ever, and even though I have this song on my iPod, I don't think I've heard it more than in passing, but I have heard it and Lindsay does is spectacularly well! I am just really happy. I mean, I wouldn't want her voice. Her range is poorer than Lea Michele's but she can still sing and she kicked ass on this song and really, what more can I say? Standing O! Well deserved.

Damian on that Finding Nemo song is just! No more words! My favorite part: "and this is for Hannah and Cameron". And Hannah's face when he sings something about kissing like never before! How can you take your eyes off of him? I can't wait to see him on my television but in GLEE! I love watching everyone's reaction to him because they are all just so impressed; like me, I am so impressed. OT3, please never die!

Jolene was actually flawless. Well, flawless for Samuel's voice (in which the imperfections only added to the performance instead of hindering it). Like I said, I can't get his rendition of the song out of my head for three days after first hearing it. That's good for you, Samuel! Will be excited to be seeing you in Glee as well. I am totally not surprised if they chose him as a winner based on that performance alone. Zach, the hearts in your eyes!

I Am Changing, hello, can't get any better than that for a finale. Here's a food for thought: do they just keep Alex-sized dresses for his I-wanna-perform-in-drag days or? Anyways, the beginning was Alex-flawless but then... I don't know, I guess I didn't like it after a few more lines. I think for his talent, his amazing, amazing talent which was very apparent in this performance, he could have handled it with a little bit more finesse. Finesse that I know he possesses because he's sang higher and bigger songs than this before and he's able to pull those off with attention and care to each note and just... finesse. That's the only comment I have.

They wasted a great shot when they decided to choose Samuel over Lindsay. She's the best actor out of the four, very true, and she can probably act her pants off as a variety of characters. Like, maybe her voice isn't as versatile, but as an actress, she's solid, so that is why I am super excited for her two-episode arc! And Alex, too, of course, because I can't wait to see what the writers do with his character.

To conclude, OT3 for life and Samuel has a great butt!

Anyways, I actually wanted to just inform those who do not know of it already regarding Glee's thingy for FNO (Fashion Night Out): Chris! and so you can watch it in glorious HD over here. As usual, totally not enough Chris and every time I thought the focus was going to just stay on Chris for just a teeny tiny bit longer, it shifts to someone else. I don't like the picture that they put in Vogue mainly because Dianna looks like she's a robot with one leg but other than that, can I just say, definitely less kitten, more tiger. I also wish there had been more Dianna to make up for her one-legged photo. And Naya and Amber would have been fab so it's just sad that they aren't in it. x

Also, promo for Season 3! First of the... first of the... um, season? Hiatus? Summer? Whatever. Say what you will about bowties, but Blaine, you look ridiculous. You have no idea how terrific that would have looked on Kurt, but you just look like a git. A prat. A... yeah, I'm out.

This is about fanfiction so you don't have to proceed.

All right, so I just want to remind myself that I have read it all. Literally. All the genres, all the ratings, basically all the fandoms I've been actively participating in, and never have I read an author I've loved more than mothergoddamn. Seriously. Like, The Dapper Highwayman is my favorite Klaine fic in the history of things I have read in that subfandom and Not Keen On Tuesdays, Either (co-written by rebness) just might take the cupcake of my second favorite fic in the Glee fandom ever. I just want to remind myself that it doesn't matter how many good writers I have came across/will come across, mothergoddamn is my number one and if someone asks me who my favorite fanfiction writer is, you know what to do, Me.

Currently reading Mi Casa Es Su Casa and that had me in stitches. Everything about this chapter, which I'm currently reading, is so perfect, I can't handle it. From Blaine's bashing of 'Karofsky's' room, Kurt knocking the picture of him and his father from the nightstand ('I-I said bang. Bang!' 'Why?' 'I honestly don't know.'), and just everything about the going back to 'Kurt's' apartment scene: the new doorman not recognizing Kurt, Blaine throwing 'Karofsky's' keys into a park, 'STRANGER DANGER!', '-have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?' 'Hmm. How about you come on through to the front room and we'll discuss it?'. Please, I implore you, if you can stomach even the slightest hint of Klaine, read this!

Also, it's based on The Apartment. The Apartment, guys (as in Kurt rents out his apartment for sexy trysts because he needs the money). That one with Shirley MacLaine. So many incentives to read this!

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