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Monday, August 29, 2011


Remember when I used to be head over whatever in love with THG? And then it caught on fire and I was like "oh, this isn't going to end well" and blah blah blah? Well, I haven't exactly been actively participating in fandom because, like, no time? And, also, quite possibly no interest either? Should I start to end my sentences normally instead of making them all questions for you, reader, to passively answer?

I write like
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Laughingly keep in mind that I submitted a piece of my actual writing and not the type of writing I use day to day on this blog. Anyways, this has just been an aside. Back to your regularly scheduled anti-mainstream whining about THG and its fans thinly veiled behind a curtain of nonchalance.

The chosen and revealed-so-far cast are, don't get me wrong, great and all (and Jennifer Lawrence is hot) but not even one point off my wishlist was fulfilled. Just as well, anyways. Not like I'm a Hollywood bigshot who actually gets a say in the matter. I am excited for the movie and will watch it and enjoy it while simultaneously ignoring everyone else who enjoys it as well. Which means I have to watch it with my sister. Which is, again, just as well, because I haven't watched anything with her in a while. The last thing we watched together was Glee... um, Glee Live 3D Concert Movie (I think that's how it goes) and she couldn't stop grinning because apparently she found it ridiculous to watch a concert movie. There were a lot of kids in attendance, sure, but in my defense, there were also older people in the audience, as well. Like us, for example.

And now, because I am tired and uninspired and I feel like killing someone (which happens more often than you'd think so it's not a cause for worry), I'm just going to summarize my weekend. On the bright side, it was a good weekend and by the end of it I didn't feel like killing someone. That feeling only popped up a couple of minutes ago because I fell asleep in the car on my way here and had to be forcibly woken up and food and thirst and there was Coke in the fridge, like, yesterday, but apparently they finished that. I am going to fill Coke in a bottle of Pepsi. The last time I bought Pepsi, it took three weeks to finish it.

Did I mention my absolute trainwreck of a Raya ensemble? To quote Nisa, "Hey, look, it's 3D! It looks like it's coming out at you!" As to the question of what exactly looks 3D, I'd rather not say. (Hint: it's on my boobs and all over my stomach area). So my mother was nice enough to get me out of the house to buy a new one. After I chewed her ear off on how ugly the original baju kurung was and there might have been several what were you thinkings and but it's just so uglys. Nisa came by at around 2.30 and an hour later, we've finally picked up the ragtag group that consisted of Afreena, Raihan, Hanna and, of course, Nisa and I, and headed on over to Gardens. We were all wearing pink except for Raihan. It wasn't planned or anything but by the time everyone but Raihan was in the car, it was quite obvious what the dominating color was. So I called Raihan. She didn't have anything pink. Only a magenta-ish purple. That she wore over red pants. With her token accessory of the infamous ashtray bangle.

It's worthy to note of a few interesting instances: first off, when we went to Toys R Us, Afreena smiled at a mopper guy. That in itself wasn't funny or an occurrence to remember (kind of sad actually - reasoning behind it was that she felt sorry for the guy) (the guy whose job it was to mop the floor) (and he probably didn't want any of your pity, Afreena). What was noteworthy was that after we split off in half - Hanna, Afreena and Raihan and Nisa and I wondered around on our own - we all managed to end up outside of the store except for Raihan. When she came back out...

Apparently, the mopper guy had cornered her and given her two phone numbers for "her two friends" (we're thinking he meant Afreena and Hanna, since Afreena did put the moves on him and all). He wrote it on the back of a torn Toys R Us receipt, which we (I) sadly lost at Paddington's later on in the evening. However, if we can't keep that, at least we can keep this. Lesson learnt. Do not hit on rempit moppers. And apparently for them, smiling in sympathy is an act of flirtation.

The second interesting instance would have to be (and we're combining this into one) bumping into Miss Foo in Borders and Madam K just around about outside of MPH (a floor away from Toys R Us! But we're never stepping foot in there again. Family friendly place, indeed). Madam K was cool. Miss Foo less so. After bumping into her (Miss Foo), Nisa and I ran out of Borders like nobody's business.

Overall, a good night. Add pancakes into the mix and you've got yourself an above average trip to the mall with the friends. Hanna and I even non-ironically bought matching tops in Zara because it was in the sales pile and they came in two colors - yellow and blue - and we both got into a bit of a 'no you take - no you take it' regarding the yellow piece because that was the one that both of us wanted.

So everyone slept over except for Hanna but before she left, we lit up the floating lantern that Afreena brought. I hope it ends up on a nice lawn somewhere where someone would just graciously throw it away instead of being mad. And it went downhill but not really from there. I mean, watching Friends and nigahiga videos was fun, sure. So were the 'totally awesome' games we played that we got off of the Internet (Google search: games to play at sleepovers). We kind of exhausted our usual games too early on. Music videos to Hollaback Girl and U Can't Touch This and general goofing off and dressing up in the baggiest hoodies I had in our search to connect with our inner gangsta. Played Speed (the card game). Listened to the music I put on and I tried to cater to whatever it is they wanted to listen to by playing songs that I liked but happy songs instead of the depressing and gloomy stuff I listen to on a regular basis.

Only had half an hour to sleep before sahur. Got them out of the house in the morning and was on the way to my grandparents' place before I knew it. I downloaded some podfics to listen to on the car ride. That was perfection, by the way; am downloading all the podfics for the Raya trip we're going to be making (although it's only two hours away. Oh, well, there is my paternal grandparents to think of).

In the spirit of ‘trying’ not to hate on people so much and also partly because I’ve been thinking about this post Aimee made, I decided to join my cousins last night. They were baking cookies at my Aunt's house. And it wasn’t like whoah, fun but it was all right. So instead of sitting by myself in a room reading fanfiction and rereading The Hunger Games, I sat in a room with my cousins reading fanfiction and rereading The Hunger Games while they all did their own things too. And Izzaty got a new cat. And while by the time I got there the cookies were already done and baked, I still got to eat them with my cousins which, you might say, is even better than baking them with my cousins.

A step in the right direction to maybe not hating everyone in the future. Aren't you just so proud of me?

I slept on the couch yesterday because my parents said that we didn't need a mattress. Okay. Whatever. The couch was under a window and facing a window, though, so I was sort of freaked out. This morning, I walked around town with my cousins and my Aunt, looking for things they have to get before tomorrow. By 11, I was already ready to quit at it and go home but sadly I couldn't so I just had to trudge on and carry groceries and stuff. Whatever. I asked for it, a step in the right direction, socializing, all of that. The funny thing is that whenever I keep to myself and act all aloof, my Dad starts to insist that I socialize more and when I do get out and socialize, he gets pissed whenever I don't meet his requirement of 'on time', which is admittedly pretty whack, if you asked me. I am a punctual person but the same can't be said for others so that's not really in my hands. Not my fault. And it really is the quintessential teenage version of 'the most unfair thing in the whole wide world'.

To end this, I cut my hair short. On the bright side, I have now achieved the Dianna Agron look. Or something quite close to it. On the flip side, the side fringe means that I can’t exactly see anything out of my left eye. Which is just as well considering the fact that that side has a higher power than the right.

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