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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Cheesy Weekend

“You just gotta love what you do. You gotta love what you do and you can’t let anyone tell you no. There are too many bitter, unhappy, people in this world that wanna tell you no and shut down your dreams. You can’t listen to them. If you want something, you go take it. And you fail, and you fail, and you fail. And you keep trying and you keep doing it until you make it. If it takes 10 years, it takes 10 years. If it takes 20 years, it takes 20 years. But if what you love can be taken away from you just by someone saying no and closing one door, then you don’t love it very much. If you love something, then you go take it and you don’t take no for an answer.”
-Josiah Leming.

It's been a good weekend. I mean, if I could dream up a perfect weekend, I think this would, literally, be it. Other than meeting Chris Colfer, but of course, that has yet to happen so fingers crossed for now. (Oh, and JK Rowling, too, but whoops, I guess I missed that boat). Anyways, I know that the exams are ever presently looming over the dark horizons and I can't escape them, no matter what I try to pull, and it's going to be here in like a blink of an eye but I guess that I don't really care? Or at the very least, I'm not up for caring, not this weekend, because, and I reiterate, it has been a perfect weekend. 

So I was supposed to do some studying on Saturday but I guess Friday left me feeling wound up and high strung, so I slept terribly. I think at some point in the night, I cried out something I can't remember. Horrible dream. Woke up at eleven and basically what I did the whole day was alternating between studying and going online. The History test on Friday was sublime, at least I think so, and at any rate, who cares. We're doing four more chapters of it on Monday and hey, if there's any worry or doubt, you'd be surprised how easy it is to just lean and check out Aly's paper. Everyone seems to be kind of tingly on Friday but since I've already talked about Friday, I'll just get back to my Saturday of studying and Tumblr. Basically, all I did all day was Form 3 Geography and even then, I am a hundred percent and then some certain that fuck, absolutely nothing went in at all. Today was dedicated to Form 1 Geography and while I need the refresher more than ever, I'm still going to go with 'that was a waste of time; in one ear, out the other'. 

On another note, fabulous night over at Tumblr last night, gorgeous morning today. This morning (and God knows what time it was over there) was the Glee Live I-Don't-Actually-Know-the-Actual-Title 3D thing premiere and everyone was there so it was like a whole day of watching interviews and being kind of pissed at a lot of people and their insensitivity but hey, that's the Glee fandom for you. And last night was also gorgeous. 

So Maze said to me, out of the blue, on Friday that he wanted to spend the weekend watching The Glee Project with me. After a series of mishaps involving a lot of things (but Maze and the Internet in particular), we finally got down to it last night at like midnight and we watched the audition episode and ha. It's downright American Idol but only better because I think like it or not, American Idol does put a priority on looks and all of that but wow oh wow, do these Glee Project kids have fucking talent. Except for that guy who went out in the first episode (so I'm glad he went out in the first episode). I do think he's talented to a point but there was so much more he could do with his voice and he just simply didn't want to do it because I think he likes being different with that different kind of voice. I wouldn't say it's a waste of talent but whatever. Also Maze-related, stayed up really late last night to watch the live stream of that Mark, Darren and Ashley interview. RPF shippers be trippin'. 

Also for the past couple of days, I've been treating myself to a treat every day after break fast. Friday was an Oreo smoothie, yesterday a banana and chocolate and vanilla milkshake and today a can of Coke and an all-cheese pizza! It was kind of embarrassing, though - the pizza. I heard some vroom vroom sounds so I thought it was the delivery guy only it was so dark outside I couldn't see anything so I went back to the computer, leaving the door open. And then the bell rang. So that guy must think I'm a freak, leaving him standing out in the dark like that. Only it's okay because we couldn't see each other at all on account of the fact that it was pitch black and all of that.

Chris Colfer is flawless. I honestly cannot with my life before him. 

This has been a post.

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