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Friday, July 22, 2011

Talent Pool

I consider today a "success". I liked the morning well enough as there were enough distractions to last me a life time. Pri S was crapping and I said something along the lines of, "I hope cats die on your face," and whatever else I said which prompted Ashwini to say, "Wow, Hafizah, you're even more sarcastic than I am." Now, my reply to that wouldn't have meant anything at all had it not been for the fact that Divya and I said it at the same time: "You're sarcastic?"

Beautiful morning. And then we had some lessons or whatever, I wasn't really paying attention. Another thing I am very happy with is the state of my bedroom (which has nothing to do with school, I know - I shouldn't deviate topics like that; people might start to compare me to a certain teacher we've been unfortunately saddled with) because I cleaned it yesterday. I can now see not only the floor but the surface of my table! Really productive day yesterday. Unfortunately I was so tired that I don't think anything really went in once I started hitting the books (that's an... unfortunate figure of speech, but still one nonetheless). I sorted out my jewelry, and also the bag that I always use when I go out and chucked out receipts and found tons of movie tickets and scraps of paper and it felt nice. It was, like, cleansing, in a way.

Back to school. Um, nothing much, I guess. English was the usual disaster and Geography kind of sucked like usual. Teacher didn't really talk a lot. Rather, we talked a lot and then she got moody. I had a joke up my sleeve regarding this incident but I think it's a tad too offensive so I'll just keep it... in my sleeves. I should get to studying now, actually. It's been a while since I've done that sitting down good and proper but... I'm not really in much of a mood this afternoon. It's one of those "I'm 15, I'm definitely not the daughter of a multimillionaire, I'm from Malaysia" kind of days that forces me to confront the unavoidable truth of a) I'm never going to go to any type of conference whatsoever, b) not going to even be in the same time zone as any one of my idols and c) no Broadway-Broadway. 

Hanna: I don't let people with germs touch me.
Me: Don't you touch yourself all the time?

I guess there should be a quote but it's not a thing now or anything. Rather, I was just bored at the time and wanted to put the quote in so it'll just be a once in a... mood thing. This is a rather useless post and if I hadn't already typed in the title and if I wasn't as lazy as I am to change it to an Interlude, an Interlude this post would have been.

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