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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plural and Singular

If someone came up to me today and asked me, "Hey, are you having a good day?" I would, with no discernible hesitation whatsoever, reply with a resounding "fuck no". It's not the classes, nor was it the fact that people annoyed me, because today was less of a trip down Irritation Avenue compared to most days. It was school, but at the same time it wasn't. It was people, certain people, but at the same time it... wasn't. 

The day started off on a pretty okay note. I hate it when 4SC has Agama/Moral in the mornings because everything gets scattered and unorganized and I feel like the generally gigantic tool that I am (title reserved only for Tuesday mornings). We had another free period, for Islamic Studies, and I read and barely talked and should have studied but didn't. The usual. And then we had PE which was fun considering I don't have a conscience. If I did have a conscience, I would feel bad for not participating in the game and I would feel bad that I was "letting teacher down", so to speak, but not really because I don't think any of this handball shit matters at the end of the day. But since I don't have a conscience, it was pretty much an okay time. 

Recess with Hanna today, taking the same familiar path I took the day before. Pri was more responsive after, well, after having to chase her around the stairs for a bit. I found Elia asleep in her class. Aw, headache, honey? And then there was Ashwini. Ah, Ashwini. Every time I come across Ashwini, I just feel like writing a book, you know? A book on the art of sarcasm. Because it is an art. Or, at least, I've worked hard enough at it that I feel, personally, that it should be an art. She said another funny thing today. 

Ashwini: So when are you getting your braces off? 
Me: Mm, next year maybe. It's just one more tooth left. One more tooth that's a problem.
Ashwini: (Sarcastically says) Just like you.

Okay. So that was... a failed attempt. But a... valiant one? Classes after recess were more chill and filled with do-nothings because we did nothing. Another free period for Maths because God knows where teacher went. After school, now after school is when the story of my bad day starts. 

Was that too dramatic? Was it? Because all that happened was that my sister-in-law forgot to pick me up and then when I got home, we apparently had nothing for lunch. First world problems. What can you do about it? 

And now because I'm bored, I'm watching Glee cast interviews.

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