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Friday, July 15, 2011

I Miss You, Chris

One more stop to go and then it's bye-bye modern world for me. I'm not being forced to study by my parents, like at all, they're not even encouraging me to do it. It's funny, because you would think that after all of the success I've had in the field of academics, they'd be more firm on me with the whole thing because they'd want me to maintain. Instead, I think that I absolutely do not need any outside incentive for this at all, because once you've gotten Best Student twice, why, that's good enough for me.

Wednesday was a really boring day at school but a crazy good one afterwards. Prefects were required to stay back until 5.30 (so the progression of my staying back went 4 on Monday, 4.30 on Tuesday and 5.30 on Wednesday) and I was part of the team who helped work on the PR. First we had to move this big metal filing cabinet two blocks over (after which, I made a detour to the Guides meeting to "take attendance" and Divya coerced us to sing You Are the Music In Me) (yeah, the HSM one). Later on we just cleaned a lot and mopped the floor some and helped out with the picture boards in the front PR. Other notable activities included watching two rounds of cat porn with Marina and Xueh Wei and Pri (S) and then some reenactment of said cat porn with Xueh Wei. 

Went home tired but Harry Potter. I won't say much about the movie. I'll be watching it for the third time later on today so hopefully most of my thoughts would have been gathered properly enough for me to write them down but suffice it to say, I am past disappointment like I was with Part 1 (and especially HBP) because I am giving so much leeway to this film, it being the last one and all, and overall, I couldn't have asked for more. And I cried - less than I thought I would have because people around me were being jackasses - but the second time around, I just shivered a lot (and not from the cold). 

Thursday was a restless but equally bland day at school. We sort of had rehearsals after school but it was mostly lazing around. What with two hours of sleep the night before (excitement plus fanfiction plus English presentations), I was tired and irritable the whole day through but I don't think I actually shouted at anybody so I call that a good day.

And then comes Friday! It wasn't a big to-do, it wasn't even a hullaballoo. Wearing the blazer part was weird, sure, but we got over that quickly enough. Also got over the fact that our blazers and skirts were dual-toned. I was under ushering, which was a whole lot of nothing other than getting our skirts wet. Now that I come to think about it, I don't think I quite returned the class's umbrella. Oh, well. No one wanted it anyways. And then the ceremony started and it was all a whole blur of blurriness. I can't remember anything, I swear to God. Afterwards was the tour I was supposed to give the invitees of Bukit Jelutong with Jannathul, but she was busy with refreshments, so I hauled Hanna into giving it with me and thank God for that. It ended up being quite a nice and not-that-awkward time, courtesy mostly of Hanna, but also of the Bukit Jelutong people, who were very nice and chatty.

And then we cleaned and then I went home and slept from 5 in the evening until 8 this morning. 


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