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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


What is your problem what is your problem what is your problem? Anyways, whatever. Calm, right? Love. That's what I wrote about yesterday and today shouldn't be any different. However, there are times when I feel like ripping off people's heads - regardless of the fact that I love them or not - and stomp on it until its bled dry. 

Today was a combination of a lot of uninteresting and yet tolerable things, which a good day doesn't necessarily make but it wasn't terrible. I didn't feel like crying or anything; I hardly even questioned the purpose of life. So the first period passed by with UNSW English whatever test which was all right. I got to spend an entire hour-ish in a nice air conditioned room, only to return to the classroom to find that History's period was cleared because teacher didn't come. Oh, happy day. So I did some of the stress balls and Amirah and I did that during PE as well so that makes it two weeks in a row in which I've skipped participating in PE classes. But don't tell that to anyone. 

I thought we were going to move up a topic for Maths but apparently we just did more on the current chapter and that's fine with me. And then KH was also fine, albeit a little frustrating at times, but overall, it wasn't a bad day and I'm in no rush to name it thus. Anyways, we had full dress rehearsal today. How stupid does everyone look with a reddish maroon blazer and a purplish maroon skirt? Very stupid. It's okay, though, my mother said it's not too noticeable so maybe I'm fixating on this too much. Or maybe it is very noticeable and on Friday and later on Monday, I'm going to be bombarded by questions as to why the colors of my uniform top and skirt don't match. Teacher might even stop and ask. Well, I sincerely hope all parties involved in the process of the blazer-making are happy. 

There should be more to this post but mostly I'm going to spend the rest of my day key-bashing on the piano and trying to sort out some songs. You know, now that I've reread everything, I've come to realize what a boring life I lead.

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