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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Victim of Circumstance

Today I reached Empire at about 9.40 and walked around for a bit. The place was deserted and then some. I headed over to Popular (also deserted), bought Time magazine and sat down to read for a few minutes before I got the call that Maze was there. We met at Subang Parade, his brother was in this patriotic choir competition or something. Saw Helena and Jane around about this time. Also, Sabrina and her sister, Emerald; Elo and her boyfriend whose name I don't know; Leen and her family and... well, I met Ellie! Oh, Ellie! 

But she's kind of tall so that's sad.

At 12, we parted ways and I had lunch with my Dad. It was a nice lunch. My shift started at 1.30 and let me tell you, we kind of sucked. I mean, yeah, okay, we sold stuff but I totally want to go above and beyond next year. Like, more than above and beyond, whether it's possible or not. There's this school behind ours, they sold button badges with like celebrities printed and stuck on it (it's better than I've described) and I bought one with Kurt (they had all the Glee characters). Great ideas from many schools. Bracelets sold best for ours. 

My Dad picked me up at 3.30 and dropped me off at OU. Came and walked straight into drama. Hanna lost her purse (again) and this time, it looks like someone pickpocketed it out of her shopping bag. Now, I won't say that it could happen to anyone because while I do own a purse, the only thing in it's a few coins and like twenty bucks, I keep it in my bag and sure, anyone could take it. I leave it lying around all the damn place. So it looks like luck, I guess. So after Hanna cried and her parents came to pick her up and... well, by that time the movie's started so I've got nothing to say. 

Ah, yes, Afreena. It was good to see her again. We don't talk much as it stands and same on that front, I guess, but it's nice just having her around. Hm, hopefully we could see each other again before she goes off. I am damn tired. I'll finish up my Harry Potter post and go to sleep, methinks.

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