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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Part 2's going to be two hours and five minutes a.k.a. 125 minutes which makes it the shortest running Potter film to date. But anyways. I have tons of things planned for this section and lately (well, for the past few days at least), I've been up half the night with Maze on Skype or on the phone, rereading Potter. I really wish I had been active at LJ when they started the HP Common Room thing but I was already totally MIA by that point so that's just sad. I want to just jump in, but they're at Deathly Hallows now so boo. Oh, if you didn't know, that community's for a bunch of people who rereads a chapter of HP daily or something like that. And there are discussions. Very good discussions with minimal wank so gosh darn it if I'm unused to that.

Elsewhere, tickets are already on sale. And by elsewhere I meant places which actually have midnight parties where everyone dresses up and shit. Dressed up for the last one and people just stared. Whatever. If you look at the GSC webpage, they have a pole somewhat towards the bottom of the page and people voted that upcoming Transformers movie as their most anticipated movie for the next change over DH2. No taste, I tell you. (And there's a new Final Destination? Oh, please make it stop!) So now the only question is to 3D or not to 3D. But I'm thinking I'd watch the normal one after school and then the 3D one at night? 

I wanted to watch it the first time with someone, I truly did. But then I realized that no way. Harry Potter was the only thing for me when I needed something to hold onto. Just that, and nothing else, and I won't kid myself into thinking anyone I know even understands what that means. So I'm going as alone as I possible can. God forbid I get a seat next to someone smelly or worse, talkative. Like those people I sat next to during Voyage of the Dawn Treader. They wouldn't stop fucking laughing. So I shushed them. Fuck that. 

Anyways, since I've talked this up long enough, I just thought I'd promote Dear Mr Potter. They have a dot after the Mr but they don't do it like that in the Potter books so I've never really, I mean, it's a country thing, so I don't really care. Malaysia's confused enough as it is. Can't even handle apostrophes correctly. Unfortunately for yours truly, the thing was at its peak and hyped up to the max during my Harry Potter dry spell so I really wasn't even remotely, unintentionally involved. I only found out via Mugglenet. Pre-oder here, it comes out early July.

If you even consider yourself a Potter fan or even if you just generally "like" the series in general, you know I won't ever take you seriously unless you know at least a little something something about the HP Alliance. Take an educated and kind-hearted leap!

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