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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Guys. Guys. No, seriously, guys. 

Do you guys remember? Do you? Do you remember? Do you remember... The Sugar Quill? Oh, fucking God, it's like my brains just exploded with a big boom of memories and fuck if all of them weren't good. They were so good! The Sugar Quill was created by Zsenya and Arabella. I mean, I know I usually drop my u's when I write stuff like color and neighbor nowadays, mainly because squiggly red lines annoy the heck out of me, but guys! This is where I learned to write!

Well, not just here, of course. Fictionalley, as well, but that's for another day, methinks. They have ace essays at the Gringotts Vault. Like, the writing/grammar essays - those, along with whatever LiveJournal people coughed up, really made me the person I am today. I'd like to say it made me the writer I am today, but I don't want to go into it that much because all things considered, I can't really write to save my life. And I'd spend days reading the essays on ships because sometimes it felt as if I had been knocked down a peg in forums and I just needed something to get me up and running again and I really, really respected everyone who contributed to the essays section. Like, above and beyond. Here, if your holidays are as boring as mine, read this: D'you Really Think They're Suited?: Why Hermione is Not the Right Girl for Harry.

Let's see if I can find some of my old favorites. I think I know I can. Hello, classic! After the End. And AgiVega. I'm not one for fanart so I wasn't really in it for that, but I remember joining her Yahoo! Group over and over again which is right here. But, seriously, her story about the Greek gods. Get on that. And I know I'm only at the A's, but I'm looking at all these stories on the shelves and I'm pretty sure I've read most of them at one point or another and that's just insane. Because there are tons of stories. 

I think I sort of lost some of the magic of fanfiction after a few years because I used to be really satisfied with badly written stuff but now, characterization or dialogue off and I just can't help but close the tab. It's sad really. But on the bright side, I have been more exposed to the LiveJournal side of things. I don't really like LiveJournal, though, it feels more like a closed community there. There was something about being a part of fanfiction archives, no matter how big or small, catering to any character and ship out there, that just had a sense of... well, belonging to it. 

I'll be doing this occasionally until You Know When. Bringing up stuff from the past and yeah. Maybe I'll even go to the place that started it all and take pictures.

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