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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The End of the World

After listening to standard Broadway classics for the past week or so, I didn't get bored, per se, it was more of the fact that I realized I haven't listened to anything new lately. So with that in mind, I ditched my RENT soundtrack (of which I apparently have three slightly different versions in my iPod...?) and went around the blogosphere looking for newly released shit. And now my ears kind of hurt. So much drums, so much bass, so much Lady Gaga. But today I come bearing something I haven't, um, born? bore? in a while! It's a very Potter update, y'all.

Three children have become adults.

Okay, so admittedly, I won't kid myself to thinking I'm primarily a Harry Potter centered blog anymore. So that's why I'm doing away with the whole "Potter Updates" thing and using normal titles now. But anyways, while I know I should be sad and all, mostly I'm just excited about the Goddamn posters! What I'm most excited about is Neville's poster. Shit, I hate this feeling. I just feel so disconnected, you know? I know I haven't talked about Harry Potter for a while but it's not... it's not a right. It's not a privilege. It's just something I like.

Well, except for the fact in which it is a right. It is a privilege. While I was a seriously disturbed holier-than-thou Potterhead, I believe I kept shoving this fact down people's throats every chance I got. I feel like I've lost that privilege.

Anyways, Schlongbottom, right? He looks mighty fine. You know, all battled out and all but still. It surprises me how attracted I am to Daniel - like it's a late-in-life thing for me because it used to be that every time I think of him, I just equate him to munchkin - however I am not at all attracted to Harry. Like, movie Harry. Odd. So, no, other than Neville I don't find the other posters all that interesting. But aren't you proud of Neville, though? He's going to play such a freaking important part in this one and well, before I was just super glad to have Luna and Ginny and him for OoTP posters but now baby gets his own poster! Don't doubt my excitement. The exclamation points are not me trying to make up for the fact that I currently have the most uneasy feeling ever in the pit of my stomach.

Question: do they have Empire magazine here? I mean, personally, I'm not a big magazine person, even though I keep mentioning the fact that I'm spending all of my holidays browsing through them. That's mostly because I bought like tons of really cheap and old copies of Dazed & Confused from Book Xcess. I mean, before the Klaine cover, I had no idea Entertainment Weekly was even sold here. Also thanks to Glee, I also know that GQ's here as well. So that's on my magazine hit-list this month: GQ and Empire. So, really, please tell me they sell Empire here. So in case you've got time and you've finished watching those Chris Colfer highlights videos (priorities: I have set them. Whatever.), then everyone should head on over to because they've got a great focus on Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 this month. I think if you just dig around hard enough you'll find the interviews and the videos and all of that. And if you're in a position to buy it, like say if you're a hundred percent sure your country stocks it, then buy it and even if you don't like Harry Potter, that's great, because you can send it to me.

More pictures but really, just buy the Goddamn magazine already.

Here's the interviews, going backwards but they're not really in order but it's not like anyone really cares or are you still reading?: Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy), Matthew Lewis (sexy shit Neville Longbottom), this is James' and this is Oliver's (now that one of them's dying, I guess they deserve to be regarded as separate entities), Tom Felton (you know who he is), and Rupert Grint (baby! Food, follow the butterflies, ginger, Mr. Hermione Granger, etc.). Oh, and when you click on them, it'll lead you to the Empire page and there's a pretty huge black and white picture of them from the photoshoot and just as a warning: they're all pretty hot. How sincere do I sound now, fuck it? Here, you can see some stills from Empire as well. And look, embed!

Embedding is awesome. This post has been plenty awkward so I'm putting myself out of my own misery. So how would I summarize my Potter experience in one word?


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