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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stupid Things (And Stupid People, Too)

I woke up this morning with a head full of stale dreams and an honest to God itchy mouth because I've been waging a war with my braces lately. Sadly, I can't seem to handle wax. It's bad enough I've got metal on my teeth, I don't want to coat it with another foreign layer. Ugh, the word layer makes me shudder now. I've been spending the better part of today and yesterday with Photoshop, editing the NiE thing. I am so glad that I got it again after that unfortunate deleting incident because I don't know what I'm supposed to do regarding NiE if it weren't for Photoshop. And Google. So thank you. 

So now that everything's taken cared of (and even the printing's done!), I'm gunning for a mellow, Harry-Potter-reading, fanfiction-searching Saturday followed by a day of Glee tomorrow because isn't StarWorld having that marathon thing? Yes. Anyways, yesterday I sort of got started on Project Chris but I'm not sure I have enough material to continue. I'd like to be one of those crazy people who actually makes scrapbooks containing every picture of Chris that ever was (and some that wasn't) and it's not like I don't have the time, it's more like I really don't have the patience. 

So Thursday was Nisa coming over but doing nothing because of that Internet fiasco. We had pizza and watched TV, a regular day in the life. Friday was the movies with Maze and Elo and then I spent about an hour tracking down two or three magazines I was looking for. Stuff dipped in chocolate and ice-cream for tea. Bought clothes (surprise, surprise!) and (censored). Today was that performance thing at Book Xcess (last time was better), a quarrel with my Dad in the morning but he helped me sort out the printing for NiE anyways. I'm not overly pleased with what I have done but to be fair, the cover picture for the Malaysian Cuisine article was not only gorgeous, it was something I'd like to call ingenious. 

I've been getting into the Klaine spirit of things again. I've decided that while I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of Kum, I'm still sticking to the side that has Darren on it. No offense, Chord. God knows I went through a stage with you. But blonds never stick, do they? (Other than Malfoy, I meant Tom.) So I've decided that I'm going to ship 'em like I ship HG. I cringe every time I see them onscreen but on paper, they're pretty much fucking perfect. So that. Yes, that. 

I'm so unorganized. If you were unfortunate enough to be invited to my home in this current day and age, you'll see books and papers and pens spilled out across the computer table, school bags littering the chairs, plastic bags and clothes on the floor of my bedroom and God knows what on my study table (I can't exactly see my study table). I can't see my piano either. There's mountains of books covering it. Sad that I sort of use it as a table nowadays. Why, just this morning, I was using it as a table to measure out my NiE stuff. So I have to get on all of that, if I ever hope of finding even one of my school books. I'm not looking forward to the return of school but there is no Sunday Night Syndrome. None at all. I feel all calm and stuff. Even though there's still untouched homework (and ones I plan on not touching at all) and a whole load of crap to deal with next week. 

On the bright side, on Ushering again for Install. No idea what I was on last year (I'll check if I feel up to it later) but this makes it the second year I'm going to be ushering. And I'll be wearing a blazer and shit! Hot shit! And besides, returning to school doesn't have to be a bad thing, not necessarily; I was thinking I'd just read Harry Potter and ignore everyone around me for, maybe, ever.

I can't really think straight.

Ha, pun. If you know what I mean.

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