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Thursday, June 9, 2011


That's it. Wow. I am done with NiE. Like, done. And I did about 80% of it myself. Well, 70%, if you count the fact that I so did not write the second article. Credit where credit is due, though, and that's... well, me. All that's left is sorting out how to print all this and also, the front pages, and also, two blank columns (but I know how to fill that up faster than you can say Newspaper In Education - Google) and then I'm done! Admittedly, the how to print part of it is going to take a lot of patience, but whatever.

I haven't finished three homework assignments yet and I really should but for now I think I'll just go out. Nisa came over yesterday but sadly the Internet went berserk.

Me: (Something I can't remember about interracial couples)
Nisa: Remember when Raihan liked Vivek?
Me: What? Oh, yeah. Those were dark times.
Nisa: (Starts laughing)
Me: What? Wait I didn't mean it like that.
Both of us: (More laughing)
Nisa: Wait. Stop laughing! Think of the white times!

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