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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Post

I'll blindly (and wrongly) assume that all of y'all have read this article and seen Chris's picture (Chris' picture? I don't know, I know I whinge about apostrophes a lot but when it concerns this special case, I am so at sea, it's not even funny). I really love that picture. Like, when I first found out about the article, I think I stared at it for a very long time. And because I am that normal, I stared at Christina Hendricks as well. Dat ass. Anyways, so yeah. For the win!

Overall? Not the worst, I'll have to say. I mean, Chinese New Year was... not better, way not better than this. And even though I know I should feel it by now, the pressure, I'm just glad that I haven't and to be honest, I'm not disappointing myself. Not yet. Even though the B for Arts was kind of a big slap in the face considering how it's usually me who gets an A and everyone else who doesn't. But it doesn't make me unconditionally angry. I'm more, like, conditionally angry. And I really, really can't say that I haven't had a good holiday. I really can't. Let's recap, shall we?

May was so disappointing. Sixteen posts? Really. I mean, come now. It's the twelfth day of June and I have got 12 posts for the month already. Come now. I started the holidays on a high and even though it was mostly filled with me calling people and them not answering, it's not all bad. That's what surprises me most, actually. The fact that I have ceased to care. Lots of fast food, lots of going out, lots of marathons (movies and television shows), lots of Glee and lots of fanfiction (Inner Demons got updated!). Even talked to people I don't normally talk to. Had a blast doing NiE all by myself and it's now sitting pretty on the floor of my room. Made a lot of jokes to remember with friends and even though I can't remember much right now, I'm sure it's still there somewhere. Had an okay time on Tumblr. No one bothered me more than the usual and even if they did, I bounced back. I always bounce back. Didn't catch up on Doctor Who like I wanted to. Skins neither. But British television shows have been around for quite sometime now and they're going to be here to stay, after all. Another day!

Also I bought a book on Philosophy. Ugh, please let me pursue philosophy without the threat of becoming a hobo and growing a beard! 

And to top it all off, someone's conveniently compiled a list of Unusual Date Ideas for me to try out. I don't know about you, but I am ready. No idea if my clothes are ironed and pressed, also I haven't finished all of my homework, but damn it, I am ready. 

I feel like watching Rocky Horror Picture Show but sadly I don't have it on my computer. I was about to use a sad face emoticon. A real, Godforsaken, sad face emoticon. x

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