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Sunday, May 8, 2011

you never do what i tell you to, you never do what i say

I have a splitting headache and I'm still trying my damnedest to study because this matters to me. Or it should. Or it actually does but it's buried so deep, I don't really feel it. Exam is on Friday and I'm not ready. Last Monday, Labor Day hols, I just kept saying to myself, "It's only Monday" and that continued until Friday, when I actually snapped out of it after reading one of the most honest to God perverted fanfiction I've ever read and got depressed as well and my life was living shit the past week because of the dreams oh my fucking God. The fucking dreams.

I literally had one in which she said "hey, I hate this school and all but it's worth it to see you".

So regardless of food and book browsing on Friday (and ice-cream) I was still down in the dumps. But then yesterday happened and Kai texted me and I literally sent out "I feel like I don't even know you anymore" but it was meant as a joke, obviously, because I am not that forward and I was gonna add some other things to lighten the mood but accidentally sent the text as it was, no punctuation. But anyways, yes, and that night I had no dreams at all and I woke up this morning and did a dance of catharsis.

Also, she told me that she told her boyfriend that I should meet him someday. Also, Helena has been writing some really downright pornographic poetry regarding James. Well, that's her bi-curious stage down the drain. Also, Maze is here!

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