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Friday, May 27, 2011

Laugh It Up

So laugh it up, I don't care. I tell people, "Hey, you know what day it is today?" and they laugh it up when I tell them. I don't care. Can I even begin to write how much he means to me? No, I don't flatter myself to think I'm that eloquent, to think that I'm that good a writer, because I'm not. Like, I said, I could write poems and I could write screenplays, I could cry until my eyes bleed and I could sacrifice all the time and money I have (neither of which I actually, literally have) to go to Glee Live but all that, it won't matter, it doesn't matter a teeny tiny bit because they're nothing compared to who he actually is. What he has actually accomplished.

And my life, you know, when it's good, it's really, really good.

So I volunteered to help out for Teacher’s Day celebrations today and was selected to be a Runner and basically what that means is that I have to run around a lot. "Backstage” for us was a toilet, and a really stuffy toilet, so I had to stay there for a long time and it was hot and there were no chairs and finally after a lot of running around giving teachers their presents I got to not do anything for a while.

It just so happened that I was sitting in front of a special Teacher’s Day banner the Student Council made and when they wanted to carry it off (it was a really long banner) I felt obligated to help them so I spent the next few minutes helping them to hang the banner in such a way that it’s hidden for the moment but then when you cut the strings, you’ll be able to read the message; yeah, I don’t know if that’s understandable.

And then I had to run for recess duty but then someone told me there wasn’t recess duty so I chilled with Zaza and Mas until someone told me there was recess duty so I went and did that and then I had to find  Andrea because I wanted to know when I had to go up to cut the strings for the banner and I couldn’t find her anywhere so I tried the canteen and my friends were like “Oh Hafizah you missed it! We just sang happy birthday for Chris Colfer!” and it was so sweet I wanted to cry but no that would be stupid. Some of them couldn’t pronounce his name properly but it was all right and we sang again with me this time and then I went to find Andrea and then had to continue dutying until someone told me it was all right to sit down.

And then I basically just walked around a lot. This part was fun because I wasn’t on duty but I still had to be prefect-like but whatever and they started playing Friday on the PA system so I sang and danced to that. OK. Then after a few performances, I had to go up to cut the strings and it was kind of a failure but whatever because I had to hurry to class to catch Aly to ask for her phone number but whatever when I got to class it was deserted anyways. So before prefects meeting, we had to carry chairs back inside so I did that. And then I swept the floor. And then sat down for prefects meeting. And then climbed stairs to get books and stuff and then just walked around all over the place some more. So whatever. That was school.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention that Zaza performed two songs. And not that I set expectations or anything but shame on the PA system because it must have been terrifying for her. Anyways, congratulations, because I can't get past Firework without either pausing or going through a coughing fit, so yay for you. And Jar of Hearts was gorgeous, in my humble opinion, and the applause was warranted.

After school was drama class and before that, my friends took me to a nearby bakery to buy a cake for Chris. Yeah, I bought a cake for JK Rowling last year so whatever. It was nbd. So we ate cake and then started drama practice and at seven when it ended one of our teachers announced that she was going to stop teaching us and we were all sad and kind of crying so then after all the teachers and instructors and our vocal coach left we planned a performance for her and I got chosen as one of the three leads for the song we’re singing so I’m happy about that. But then we had to actually practice the thing and that took an hour of dancing around and now my feet hurt really bad. 

But whatever, you know, because it was worth it. I sang for him, I made a card for him, I had cake and all of that, and all my friends were very nice, very supportive and some of them, heck some of them, I didn't even have to tell them what day it was. I just... it was overwhelming. It's like, even though it wasn't for me, it was on my behalf and they did it to make me happy and I don't think that's ever happened before. Or at least, it's never been this obvious, and well, now that everything's said and done, I know a few of you guys still visit my blog and if you could take the time to watch these videos, that would be great, because they basically sum up why I love Chris.

Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5.
Pretty please with sugar on top?
PS/ I basically copied/pasted half of this from my Tumblr so you can see how my writing style differs. Judge as freely as you want.

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