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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Companion Pieces

I could wax poetic about his looks and I could write eulogies on his charm and wit (and sarcasm). I could write actual, concrete volumes of books on his sheer talent. Because all of those things are what makes Chris Colfer, Chris Colfer. The entire cast of Glee is not only insanely talented, they’re also hardworking and seem to have the best spirits about them, they just seem to enjoy life; and life from their pedestals, being surrounded by the press and crazy fans, can’t be easy. But Chris was honored with a spot on The Time 100. Just Chris. He is twenty, soon to be twenty-one. That’s two decades. There’s no denying that whatever your occupation, you will probably get the chance to impact someone’s life sooner or later. But Chris is a twenty year old actor on a hit TV show. There has been dozens before him and there probably will be more after so it probably shouldn’t matter. But if you’ve been following his career, from Pilot up until the here and now, you’ll understand why he made that list. It’s because you just look at him, just look at him acting or interacting with people off camera and you can feel it, or see it, that he’s just someone special. And you think about him, two decades in and having accomplished so much, and just the thought of him can push you forward, make you want to be a better person, make you proud to be his fan. That’s impact. The fact that he’s taken on this cause - high school bullying - is just icing on the cake for me. He could be petty about it, rub it in his past tormentors’ faces, but he doesn’t. He just acts and he just exists as he is right now, to fulfill his own dreams, and in the process, giving out inspiration and hope like free candy on Halloween. Not to mention all that he’s done for his sister. He doesn’t rub that in anyone’s faces either, not even the media. To be his age, to look and sound like he does, to be different, and to have achieved so much, I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to meet him. I just know that if I’m given the chance, I’d be eternally grateful. I’d cry first, but then I’d be grateful.

Yes, can't be tamed. x

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