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Friday, May 6, 2011


But enough about life and this and that. Things are moving and moving fast, I know, and nothing stops for anyone. So I'm dying here. You're dying there. I'm going to be away for the entire week, probably. On and off Interludes like usual? I don't know. x

So Nisa was sick for the last two weeks or so and they went to the doctor and from all the symptoms, the doctor came to the rather baffling assumption that she was pregnant. Don't worry, she's not though! Anyways, Kilt Gate. 

Nisa: What's the difference between a kilt and a Scottish kilt? 
Me: Well, a kilt is a kilt and a Scottish kilt is made in Scotland. Duh. 

Me: Kurt and skirt rhymes. I wonder if they did that on purpose. 
Hanna: Hahah. Hey, look I know he's gay and all but isn't it just... 
Me: What? No, wait, wait, he's not wearing a gown! 
Hanna: Oh. Haha. Thank God. I mean I though-
Me: When I said skirt, I meant kilt. Not full length skirt. God. 

Nisa: I like Loki. 
Me: What? Why because it's easy? 
Nisa: Huh? 
[A few minutes later.] 
Nisa: What were you talking about? 
Me: What were you talking about? 
Nisa: Thor.
Me: Oh, my God, hahaha. 
Nisa: Wait, I thought you already watched it? 
Me: Yeah, but I thought you were talking about Maths. 
Nisa and I: Hahahahaha. 
Nisa: Isn't it pronounced-
Me: Yeah, that's why I gave you that look. 
Nisa: Haha. 
Me: Haha. 
Me: Misunderstandings!

Me: [Talking about those dreams I've been having.]
Nadiah: Oh, K? 
Me: Okay? 
Nadiah: K. Like, K K. 
Me: Yeah, okay...
And then Nadiah made a fool of herself for like ten minutes or so. Honestly, that girl, I don't know where her head is half the time. 

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