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Friday, April 15, 2011

Parkways and Avenues

I hope we don't have to climb much in Pangkor. I mean, hopefully, the only thing under us would be water or something.
Well, then, I guess this would be the perfect time to tell you, Past Hafizah, that you are sorely mistaken. However, I don't think they're going to put up flying fox stations at SCHOOL because that is where we're having Prefects camp this year. AT SCHOOL

You lose some, you... have to think of some really good reasons as to why you're winning some. Hm, I must have been away from the Internet for a long time because I'm typing at my mother's rate right now (well, maybe not that bad because I don't have to keep looking down at the keyboard but it's a come and go thing, I think) and I'm positive that it's the leftover residue from the "nap" that I took from 5 in the afternoon yesterday until 8 o'clock this morning, so we'll leave it at this. My brain's still not functioning at a normal rate and I misspelled "functioning" and "misspelled" just now.

I'm just going to slip this in here and then worry about it later. Weekend Homework List:
  • Geography coursework - just do a little bit of this and that. 
  • BM essay (also for History coursework)
  • Science worksheet
  • Arts card
  • Maths work if I'm up to it.
Wednesday was the first day in which I stepped foot into school again after the grand old time that was the Stock Challenge and while it didn't suck as terribly as I thought it would have, it's still no fun at all. I'm on Canteen for FN which I don't mind at all (barring the fact that I have never been on PR cleaning since the 2010/2011 board kicked in high gear; and I haven't been on Carpark this year at all so the teachers think I'm crazy when I tell them I have no idea which teacher sits where. Not my fault that you can't remember a simple two digit number which happens to be on the pink sticker stuck on the desk you sit at everyday, for five days a week straight). We had a lot of things going on on Wednesday and one of them was that Career Exhibition thing where all we do is walk around, pretending like we're actually ready for this stuff. It's great that some of my friends are dead set on what they want to be but I'm just so good at too many things to fully decide.

Anyways, I've narrowed it down to three choices, all of them starting with me going for Pure Science so no worries on that front. I have started casually studying (in the on off kind of way) but I got horribly sidetracked these past two days (Thursday and Friday) with the fabulous card that I've made for Arts class. Too bad I kind of fucked it up by gluing things the wrong side up but oh well. Nothing is unfixable (and that's not even a word!). 

Thursday was... I can't remember what happened on Thursday but we watched the choral speaking competition for the first period and it definitely brought back memories. Not that, you know, said memories weren't already simmering in my head, ready to be plucked out and pushed front and center at a dip in thinking conversations but it brought out more. I'm very glad that I decided to blog about anything and everything because I think having all of my days sorted out into blog posts really does help me with my memory. Not completely, but at least I'll forever have written proof of things that have happened in my life, good or bad. 

Moving on to Friday which started off wonderfully enough but I got depressed during Arts, first when teacher didn't grave us with her presence, and then when I sort of messed up my card. I've decided to make one for him each and every year and when I finally do get to meet him, I'll give it all to him in one go. Who cares if I think of weird things? If I don't imagine anything at all, then nothing's ever going to happen. Or something like that. 

Which brings us to the weirdest dream I've ever had in a while involving toilet stalls as changing rooms, red dresses and a shopping mall in a house, some girl whom I can't remember whose estranged father came and so I had to hide under the bed and...? 

My sister's home and she's got a new car and because I was working on the card yesterday on my bed and I got super tired after that and can't be fucked, I slept on the floor the entire night and woke up with my body twisted weirdly. 

Also, my English teacher can't mark papers. At all. I am this close to writing a letter of complaint about the incompetency of not just her, but nearly every other teacher in that joint. I'm okay with our Maths teacher, and our BM teacher is perfectly capable, and... actually, I'm just pissed at our Science and English teachers. The rest are all right. Not perfect by a long shot, but all right. And considering I only ever study by myself anyways, I don't think it matters in the long run. But seriously. English. Just because nearly half the people can speak it, and use it as their first or second language, doesn't mean that they're actually good at it. Believe me when I say that it takes more than the ability to speak a language to be able to write it well. 

And everyone's grammar and spelling suck. That ends this post today. Bye. 

Four more days until Night of Neglect

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