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Friday, April 1, 2011

Much Too Far For Me To Row

This week was really the epitome of NOTHING HAPPENED. Was there YE? No, there wasn't. Was there house practice? No, there wasn't. Did I go to school on Wednesday? No, I didn't. What did I do instead? Wrote fifteen thousand plus words of my story. Was there anything even remotely worth remembering on Thursday and today? Since I can't remember anything, I'm going to answer this question with a sound NO. Aside from the prefects meeting (which really made me appreciate the Board more, really, it did, because most of the time I spend meeting lamenting over why the fuck I'm even there in the first place but, you know, not too shabby), I have no idea what went on today.

Since MSSD was mostly what most of the teachers were focused on this week, next week we're going by a new timetable (and a new PE teacher - I was starting to really, really like the current one. Oh, who am I kidding, I love her!) so I don't think there's going to be any more free periods. Which is just as well, probably, because of the whole PMR thing and all but free periods are fun! They're the only thing that kept this day somewhat memorable. Okay, maybe not memorable. Tolerable. Also, now that we're past algebraic expressions, I'm going to enjoy Maths more now! It's not that I'm bad at it (per se), it's just that my mind was not programmed for factorization. Anyway, we're doing that bean growing project for Science and I've named all of mine: Kurt, Chris, Colfer, Darren, Draco, Franco, Lea, Michele, Darwin and Man. Or Mann. I really haven't decided yet.

New relief class and recess duties starting this week and at least it's not a terrible form 4 class. I mean, the most I have to deal with are these two students who wear earrings in all the wrong places and they listen to me, don't say anything bad to my face and cut their nails when I ask them to so overall, could have been worse. Plus, they're not all that loud. Recess at 2G and it's really boring there. I just occupy myself with writing. When I'm finished with my story, I don't know what I'll do in my spare time. I'll probably start a new one. Or start studying or something. But the former is more likely.

I'm surprised that I've actually managed to write something. To be honest, I was just going to leave an apologetic statement about how this week's been the shits and insert a special sneak peek to my story. But I got lazy to do that because then I'll have to edit out the names and all of that. 

I really am bored but I have a million and one things on my To-Do List. 

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