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Sunday, April 24, 2011

like looking through a fogged mirror

i just cannot anymore i don't even know what my problem is i am just so tired right now shit fuck what the hell is my life. so it was all going great until i saw iman after exiting redbox and i didn't even recognize him at first his hair's grown longer and he recognized me i know he did because we stared at each other and am i making a big deal out of this while he's probably forgotten all about it by now? yeah i am but i don't care because after that i just felt this pang of regret, like all over again, here we go again, all those feelings from after he apologized and i apologized and it was stupid and it was juvenile i know but it doesn't change the fact that i could have still been very good friends with these people if circumstances were different. if maybe i was different.

and then this morning i was also kind of depressed about everything i kind it was leftover residue from the texts i sent out and received in return a few nights ago and i couldn't help but wonder what if i hadn't said yes to a complete stranger's plea. what if i had had the willpower to resist people what if i hadn't been on a freaking power trip because i'm pretty sure if i hadn't said yest to that invitation to kai's sleepover i wouldn't have gotten into that whole mess. i'm also pretty sure that if i hadn't become friends with pri, everything would have remained static on that front. and of course there's hel but i don't know what to regret when it concerns her. just that i regret the fact that she was my first ever kiss.

and so i called maze, when i got home from the curve and told him about iman and it was probably a wrong thing because most of the time i'm thinking, i need someone to catch me and be there for me and lean on, i need a therapist, and i immediately jump to maze because first and foremost, we promised first and foremost, that we were friends. but then  he asked me whether i was happy with him and i said yes. and then he asked me whether i wished i was with them instead and i said i don't know. and then he said something about how he didn't want to have this conversation over phone. again.

i just realized that the only reason i'm with him might be because he's the only one who's been easy so far. iman? no i just couldn't handle that. i was too young, too fresh out of the oven of my disastrous four year friendship with farhana. helena? again too young and stupid. realized almost a year later that i had actually had a crush on her. kai? too different. we were too different and she said so herself, out of everyone, i was the last person she considered to be bi.

and yet when i told her she said she knew. because i had jokingly said that i wasn't straight once. jokingly. and any other person might have taken that as light as the tone was but she didn't. and i just don't know.

fuck x1000000.

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