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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hide Your Fires

Hey! So obviously my blogging mood is back? Or maybe it's not. It's actually probably not but what you should have noticed and what is a hundred percent very noticeable is the fact that I have Photoshop again! It's not like I fiddle around with the thing a lot, but it's nice to know that if I need a quick coloring or resizing or .gif, it's there to fulfill my needs.

I was really bored yesterday and decided that a new layout was in order. But anyways, isn't that just convenient?

It's been a dull weekend so far. Nothing of particular interest. Just a lot of sleeping going on. Maze was a little too interested in the Royal Wedding for my tastes. He even made sure I capitalized it properly. I put my foot down on italicizing it, though. But it wasn't all that bad. I fell asleep (which was the ending to like each and every weekend story I have) and he bought me chocolate milk. My mother was also enamored, although I don't think that's quite the right word. But then again, when it comes to her obsession with royal people, I don't think there's a boundary to what words I'm allowed to use.

I'm thinking of going magazine shopping since I haven't stocked up my collection full and proper. Maybe later on in the day, if I can get myself to shower. To be honest, it's not that I don't want to study. It's that I tried to study the other day and got so frustrated and depressed, I cried myself twice over and then promptly fell asleep. I know I should find ways to face my shit ass fear of failure but not today. Today I'm just really tired and not in the mood and I want to settle in and snuggle in that stupidly inviting bed of mine and eat a lot and maybe read some fanfic with triple the angst power and cry myself to sleep. Call it PMS, call it a mental disorder, I just want to get my cuddle on with the bed. 

Also, I want magazines. So here you go, a useless post about the activities of my weekend, of which they were none. 

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